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  • PBC CASHION FISHING RODS 'End of Year' TEAM BASS FISHING TRAIL RESULTS Saturday September 23rd, 2017 ~ Kerr Lake


    Saturday September 23rd, 2017 ~ Kerr Lake ~ Flemingtown Landing Wildlife Ramp

    The qualifier #6 of PBC Cashion Fishing Rods 'End of Year' Trail at Kerr Lake is always interesting! Usually it's

    'which ever team catches the 5 biggest little fish win' and today was no exception!! 32 teams competed for the top

    prize and it was a little tough! Air temps ranged from 59 degrees in the am with fog and on up to 82 at the 3pm

    weighin. Water temps averaged about 81 degrees. Winds were nonexistent in the am up to about 7 mph in the

    afternoon. The bite was good but it was tough to get 5 good fish.

    The team of Hal Blackwelder & Brian Welch caught the best little ones, weighing in 5 bass at 14.82 lbs., enough to

    win 1st Place and also won the 1st Place Tournament within a Tournament (TWT) for a total of $1,410 in winnings.

    The team said most of their bass were caught off shallow rocky bank bottoms in 2 to 4' of water with topwater &

    C- rigs.

    Following really close were Tony Woodard & Stewart Adams. They came in 2nd place with 5 fish weighing 14.65 lbs.

    & also won 2nd Place TWT to pocket a total of $747. 3rd place team Allen White & Mike Vaughan, with 5 weighing

    14.22 lbs., also won the 1st Place Big Fish Award (4.62 lbs.) to take home $833. The 2nd Place Big Fish weighed 4.07

    lbs. and was caught by the 5th Place Team of Jeff Dunn & Max Hoover netting them $423 in prize money!! Things

    were really close for the top 5 teams!!!

    Only 72 fish were weighed in for a total of 170 pounds for an average of 2.36 lbs. each. Most of the fish were caught

    on Topwater, Carolina rigs, Jig combos and Shakey Heads in 2 to 4' of water off boat docks, rocky and woody lake


    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. The next Cashion Fishing

    Rods 'End of Year' Tournament Trail Qualifier will be October 7th at Shearon Harris Reservior. Go to this webpage

    for the info on the 'End of Year' Trail:

    All the information on our tournaments can be found

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Hall Blackwelder & Brian Welch of Greensboro & Climas...5 bass...14.82 lbs...$920

    2nd Place: Tony Woodard & Stewart Adams of Four Oaks...5 bass...14.65 lbs...$537

    3rd Place: Allen White & Mike Vaughan of Clayton & Raleigh...5 bass...14.22 lbs...$385

    4th Place: Keith Deal & Anthony Miller of Holly Springs...5 bass...13.73 lbs...$282

    5th Place: Jeff Dunn & Max Hoover of Fuquay Varina & Raleigh...5 bass...13.41 lbs...$231

    6th Place: Thomas Sheffer & Ken McNeill of Cary & Raleigh...5 bass...11.03 lbs...$205

    1st Place Big Fish..3rd Place Team above...4.62 lbs...$448

    2nd Place Big Fish..5th Place Team above...4.07 lbs...$192

    1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above...14.82 lbs...$490

    2nd Place TWT..2nd Place Team above...14.65 lbs...$210