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  • Birthday Buck of a Lifetime

    While hunting this past week on my Birthday at my friends place,who I met on this forum 6 years ago, I harvested the buck of my dreams. I have dreamed every year of being able to kill, even a doe, on my Birthday, but haven't until this season. I walked in the woods before daybreak, not knowing exactly where would be the best spot to set up,since this was my first time being in these woods. As I was looking for a good fallen tree to set up with my gobbler lounger, day was breaking. I was headed to a tree that I thought would be good cover and looked thru the woods and saw 3 bucks coming my way,one was a very young buck,followed by a 8 point and another 8 point that looked to be so wide his head was bobbing back and forth with each step. I eased back and stepped behind a tree and lay my bowbat pack down and tried to hurry and get my crossbow and cocking rope out and cock my crossbow without being seen. I set my lounger out and quickly sit down and eased around the tree to see if I had been seen. They were still coming rubbing on trees as they come. They stopped at at least 3 different trees. When they were about 30 yards they smallest buck spotted me,raising and lowering his head as if he knew I was out of place,but he wasn't alarmed and kept on walking.
    The largest of the 3 stopped at about 20 yards and done the same,except he was facing me. I thought,I don't want to take a head on shot and take a chance of making a bad shot. He turned to keep walking and I fired. I heard the bolt hit him and he spun around and took off. I watched him go as far as I could see. I waited a bit and got up to see if my bolt was lying there. I couldn't find my bolt ,or any blood. I thought ,maybe I'm just excited and not seeing it. So I walked to see if there was any blood where I saw him run in the woods. As I was walking down to the last place I saw him,I looked over and there he lay. It was then I started shaking. What a buck!!! If I never have the opportunity to kill another buck this big, that's ok with me. The memory of this hunt with be me the rest of my life. Thank God for meeting a great friend on this forum, that you all my know as Donion. He and his family have become family to me.Best Birthday gift ever. My buck was 21 inches wide and weighed 177 lbs.