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  • Lee County Buck

    10pt killed in Lee County, SC on 9/14/17 by Carolyn Shipman
    Gross 145 Net 137 2/8

    I was sitting in a huge bean field when I saw a set of antlers near a ditch where the deer like to hang out. I used my range finder to tell that the ditch was about 305 yards. I took aim, shoot and miss. The deer just stood there. My heart was pounding and my body shaking. I regroup take aim and shoot again. It's a miss! He looks around and goes deeper in the ditch. I can't get another good shot for almost an hour. I only had four bullets and now only two left. I have to try at least one more time before the dusk sets in as I know I won't be able to make a kill shot if it gets any darker. The buck finally turns broadside and I aim 6 to 8 inches above his shoulder and shoot. The deer leaps out of the ditch and into the beans. Finally a kill shot! I later found out that I couldn't see the front of the ditch because the beans were so tall. The deer was about 350 yards. Wow! He is massive.