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  • 140 Inch Pickens County Buck

    This deer really means a lot to me because he seemed almost impossible to kill and consumed my mind and about drove my insane. I first got pictures of this deer two years ago as a 2-year old and at that time he was only a 7-point but you could tell he had good potential. Last year, the 2015 deer season, I hunted him hard even though he was still less than fully mature because he was right at that 125 inch mark and had gone to a very symmetrical 8 point. In early November of last season it was a foggy morning and the moment finally came and he stepped out of the woods. I had him at 80 yards for about 5 minutes and he was just across the property line, but I didn't have permission to hunt on the neighbor's land. He stood there for what seemed to take forever. Eventually he started to walk along the field edge and walked right into my wind. I could tell he caught my wind and he slowly disappeared back into the timber. I grunted and tried to coax him to step back out but I knew that it was pretty much useless since he had caught my scent. After the countless hours spent in the stand, he was finally right in front of me and there was nothing I could do.
    I didn't see him for the rest of the 2015 season and then 2016 rolls around and he is back and even bigger than the year before. I was getting pictures of him but only at night. On November 14th I pulled the card on the trail camera and he had finally started moving during daylight. I had a good wind to hunt the next morning so I slipped in before daylight and saw plenty of deer early in the hunt but no sign of him. At right around 9:15, a group of 5 deer stepped out of the woods to my south but it was just a group of does and some yearlings. I was watching them when I looked up on top of the hill to my east and there he was just standing there alone. He started running through the field from left to right seemingly to just be cruising for does. I got on him and yelled at him to stop, and when he stopped I pulled the trigger and he dropped right in his tracks at about 170 yards.
    To say that I was in shock was an understatement. I had hunted this deer for so long, it was hard to believe it actually happened. As a result of him being on the wrong side of the property line last year, he was able to live another year and grow around 15 inches or so. I love to hunt and was blessed by the Lord to let me kill a deer of this caliber in South Carolina.