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  • The harvest that almost didn't happen

    I had a rough rough start to the Abbeville County SC 2016 Deer Season. I started early with opening day of bow season in Game Zone 2, September 15. I had a lot of doe activity but nothing that gave me a shot. I left that day and headed to the low country where I missed a real nice buck with a rookie mistake, I forgot to switch the safety off. September 22 was the last time hunting that I had seen a deer, and a buck at that, which I shot under with my bow, until Saturday, November 5.
    The week leading up till this morning was rough!! I had sunk knee deep in lake mud hanging my climbing stand, I had tripped and landed in a brier bush, and I could go on and on. Friday night my husband had nicely suggested that I take a break. I had been hunting hard and often. I was trying to learn to self film my hunts along with carrying my climber, my rifle and all my other gear. I had no plans to hunt that morning. I had the alarm set for my husband, who decided not to go. I laid in bed for about 30 minutes before deciding to go. I made it late to the woods as I had forgotten my climber. I finally made it in the tree and as daylight came I realized I was too high and had to come down the tree a bit.
    I was texting with my father-in-law who was telling me to keep my eyes open. My husband has sent me a message wondering how much longer I was going to be. I finally made the decision that at 10:30 am I was coming down. A coyote came threw but I could not get a shot on it. I had a coughing fit. I was hearing shots every where. Something told me today was not going to be my day.
    At 10:30 am I had moved my rifle to get ready to come down when I hear the God awfullest noise. I was in my 7th deer season and had never heard this noise in the woods before. It was a buck, a nice boded buck and no matter the size of the rack we were low on my favorite - venison cube steak. If I got a shot, he was going down. He came in like lightening chasing a doe. As the doe went behind my climber, the buck stopped right in front of me, of course as my luck would have it behind a bunch of tree branches. I moved my gun to get ready for when the shot presented itself and waited what seemed like forever. I was worried the doe would give me away as the buck never took his eyes off her. I looked through my scope and was able to find a cup size hole that set me up for a prefect kill shot. I still waited hesitant to take the shot. I prayed that if God was to provide let my aim be true and bring no suffering the animal. I opened my eyes, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger on my Remington 7 mag rifle. It was a Christmas gift from my dad last year and my first harvest with the rifle. Yes, harvest. It was a perfect shot that took him down and I was ecstatic.
    I made the first call to my father in law and second to my husband. I was shaking with excitement and teary eyed as all the hard work I had put in all year had paid off. I was proud of myself for staying with it I was grateful for experience and the meat. I realized after dropping the buck off for processing and to get him shoulder mounted, that this 9 point buck was the buck I had dreamed about two weeks prior.