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  • 10-pointer in Ahoskie, Hertford County

    Hunting white-tail deer at Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters, NC

    After over forty years of hunting in Germany and various other countries around the world, I also wanted to take a white-tailed deer. As our youngest daughter lives in North Carolina, it was a great opportunity to combine a visit at her place and hunting.
    After researching online for oufitters in the area, I decided in favor of Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters in Ahoskie, NC. My inquiry about available dates was quickly answered by Mr. Clay McPherson and so I booked for the last week of October.
    My wife and I arrived on Sunday night at the hunting lodge and were warmly greeted by Clay and the two guides who showed us our comfortable accommodation. Hunting started on October 24 and on this first day I already saw a couple of deer and took one doe. What a great start!
    During the next couple of days I saw many bucks but wanted to wait for a really strong one. After all, I wanted to cross the Atlantic back to Germany with a big trophy.
    It never became boring during the week as I saw numerous deer as well as a lot of wild turkey. Sometimes there were only a few wild turkeys, sometimes ten or more and I could watch them in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Also, the stands are all in very good condition and equipped with comfortable seats which makes it even more enjoyable.
    On Thursday during dusk, a large buck emerged from the shrubs and stood on the track. He seemed nervous and paced back and forth and also towards my hunting stand. He must´ve been looking for a doe as the rutting season was just starting. When he stood at about 120 yards, I shot. The shot hit him high on the chest and the buck took flight into the scrub. I waited for my Guide Zach and we tracked for the wounded game together. And our tracking was successful: we found the 10-pointer after about 60 yards.
    We found that the bullet had penetrated the buck below the spine and between two ribs. Not a single bone was wounded, only flesh. We also could not find any blood on the track. A finishing shot was necessary.
    At last, I was extremely happy and over the moon!
    Hunting with Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters for six days in the north of NC was really worth it. I could bag a strong trophy, killed one doe and saw about twenty-five deer including a number of younger bucks. Booking CWC Outfitters was the right choice as we also learned a lot about hunting and game in NC from Clay and his crew. Board and lodging were excellent and we very much enjoyed our time.
    Thank you again, Clay, Hunter, and Zach for the great time. We´ll see you again next April for the 2017 Spring Turkey Hunting Season.

    Erhard and Johanna Weber from Germany