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  • Attention Please

    All bass fishermen, bass club members, and conservation minded persons please join with the Elizabeth City Bassmasters in the following policy statement:
    In the hot months of the summer (June, July, August, and September) when the oxygen levels are depleted, we will take extra caution to ensure the health of our released fish. This will require that all the fish to be released will be released in an area that will better their chances of survival. This may require the use of release boats, (boats from the club or tournament being designated to take the fish to a location) (main river, deeper water, and flowing water) to be released. It is also suggested that all the released fish be treated with a slime restorer before release.
    Places not to release fish in canals, dead end creeks, back bays etc. These areas are notorious for low or no oxygen. When caught fish that are already in stress are released in these areas, their chance for survival is just about zero.
    Please join us by committing your organization, club, or you personally to be a better steward of the fish resources that we are so lucky to enjoy.
    One reason for this request is because of the following: On 11 September 2016 a fish kill was reported to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission. The NCWC conducted an investigation, and found 39 largemouth bass dead in the canal at the Columbia wildlife ramp. All of the bass were keeper bass (14”) and some were in the over 20” category. More investigation determined that there were two bass tournaments held out of that site on Saturday, 10 September 2016. The NCWC conducted an oxygen test of the water in the canal and found that the canal had less than 1 ppm oxygen content. The names of the clubs is not what is important here, what is that we as bass fishermen commit ourselves and our organizations to better ourselves when it comes to taking care of our catch.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth City Bassmasters
    Elizabeth City, North Carolina