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  • Gobble Gobble

    On April 18 I was able to harvest a nice Tom with a 10 inch beard and a little over 1 inch spurs. I was familiar with this bird because my dad and I got in him Saturday morning. He was very vocal and gobbling like crazy at every crow that 'cawed' that morning. We snuck in the woods and began calling to him which got a gobble each time. Once he flew down he gobbled several more times and then just got silent. I learned the hard way that the small broken rusty old barb wire fence running through the woods would ruin a good hunt.

    Well I knew where he would be so I went back Monday morning. Just like before he began gobbling so I made a dash for the woods he was roosting in. This time I snuck as close as I could, probably 70 yards from his roost. Learning from mistake Saturday morning I sat on other side of an old fence that ran through the woods. I knew I was close to him so I only did a few soft purrs and one soft yelp. He gobbled at those and finally flew down about 20 mins later. When he flew down I saw him land about 60 yards away and he immediately began strutting. After a brief show he made his way to within 30 yards. As soon as his head cleared some small trees I put my green high vis sight on it and BOOM! He dropped in his tracks. My two future turkey hunters thought it was the coolest thing ever.