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  • Moving to South Carolina and looking forward to good fishing!

    I just wanted to introduce myself as I have a ton of questions I will be posting in preparation for this move to SC.

    I am 35 year old and grew up in the Seattle area and love offshore fishing and hunting. I spent 4 years in the USMC, have a black lab that has turned into more of a house dog then a hunting dog because I found I am not fond of freezing my ass off in cold weather for duck hunting in Eastern Wa, plus my wife spoils him. I work in Sales and am taking over the South East territory and really looking forward to a new style of living as Washington weather and pace of life has really gotten to me over the last few years.

    I own a Grady 228 that I use to chase salmon, halibut, dungie crab, shrimp, and bottom fish along the west coast of Washington up to Vancouver Island BC.

    I am really looking forward to learning a whole new fishery in SC as well as the great hunting opportunities and hopefully get to meet a few of you guys.