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  • Deer Hunting Club in Lancaster County, SC

    Deer Hunting Club in Lancaster County, SC

    Camp Creek Hunt Club (CCHC) is located in the upstate of South Carolina in Game Zone #2 in Lancaster County. CCHC is easily accessible from all major Interstates located near and around the Charlotte, NC area and Columbia, SC area. From Charlotte, NC it is roughly 55 miles and from Columbia, SC it is roughly 35 miles. CCHC is located off of Highway #97, Hoke Road and Highway #200 in Lancaster County.

    CCHC is a family oriented hunt club that instills the core hunting values and follows the South Carolina DNR game laws and restrictions for all game hunting. CCHC does have minimum antler requirements for deer season and can be contacted to discuss. CCHC has some of the best prime turkey hunting as well as deer hunting too.

    CCHC has over 2 miles of accessible power line hunting. CCHC is roughly 1,800 acres of Pine forests, hardwoods, and timber land management and is one of the oldest hunting clubs in the surrounding area. All of the acres are comprised of one total land mass and has drivable interior roads by 2 WD vehicles and over 6 miles of roads drivable on 4 wheelers/ATV's. CCHC has food plots that are planted in the spring and fall seasons and are maintained through it's membership. CCHC has five gated access areas that are lockable with the timber management locks and power companies involved. CCHC has a 100 yard shooting range with a stationary bench that is located in the interior of the club. CCHC has permanent Club stands located throughout the property and is maintained through the membership and it's members.

    CCHC has an adjacent primitive campground that is not part of the membership but is owned by two of it members as a first come first available basis. There are approximately 10 travel trailers and campers owned by members on this piece of property with no water or electrical amenities. Presently there are no fees associated with this set up at this time!

    If interested in becoming a member please contact us through the contact page and fill out an application supplied on the website: or call Jerry Beachum (704-254-7210) or email Mike Manczka

    Membership runs from March 1st of each year to the next March 1st, which includes the turkey seasons in April of each year. Dues are currently $850 for first year members and $800 for renewing members.