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  • Catawba Catfish Club Lake Wateree 1-9-16 Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 3rd Tournament of the 2015-2016 Season today{1-9-16} on Lake Wateree in Winnsboro,S.C….We had 28 Boats show up to fish today.Anglers were competing for a Total Pot of $2800…Conditions were cloudy all day with temps at start around 42 and a high for the day of 50…Water conditions were muddy from recent floods and there was plenty of current all day long.Winds were 5-10 mph with a few stronger gust mixed in….In the end we had 21 of 28 boats weigh in..Most anglers reported a very tough bite all day long while a few others found some biting fish but average weights were on the low side..At weigh in the team of Jamie K Outdoors{Clay and Jason Henderson} came away with the win with a 3 fish stringer of 71.60…Team Miller continued their great season and stretched their point lead by a commanding 17 points..

    Final Results:
    1.Team JamieK Outdoors:{Clay Henderson and Jason Henderson}-71.60 and $1200
    2.Team Miller{Brandon Miller and Justin Barger}-66.00 and $720
    3.Team Whiskers{Shane Queen and Toby Griffin}-61.75 and $480
    4.Team Blue Bucket{Strawberry Wooten,Jeff Jackson and Amber}-50.10
    5.Team DMD{Mike Rape,David Catoe,Tony Cathen}-49.90
    6.Team Edwards{Kenny Edwards and Terry Springs}-49.25
    7.Team Humpback Blue{Jason Wolfe and Josh Christopher}-48.50
    8.Team Reel Addiction{Cary Vanden Broecke,Scott Peavy and Austin Sartin}-40.70
    9.Team PoleKat{Benji Brown,Riley Brown,Jordyn McAbee}-39.95
    10.Team Sparky{Ron Carden and Bill Carden}-39.25
    11.Team Tightline{Brian Snipes and Bubba Branch}-39.00
    12,Team Troller{Mark Follett and Lindsay Bigham}-34.85
    13.Team Fish Bite{Alan Long and Truitt Fields}-34.70
    14.Team Trophy Hunter{John Terry,Steve Whitley and Jeremy Wright}-30.55
    15.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith and Randy Smith}-29.75
    16.Team RiverCats{Michael,Shirley,Haley DeBus and Michael York}-24.15
    17.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-18.70
    18.Team Hook Line and Sinker{Eric and Marya Jenkins,Olivia Osteen}-14.35
    19.Team Stumpgrinder{Dale and Nancy Sturgis}-12.70
    20.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Phil Rollings,Wes Rollings,Michael Thomas,Scott Edwards}-11.15
    21.Team Cattmaxx{David Parlier and Michael Carbaugh}-9.75
    No Weights:
    Team Rod Down
    Team Flint River Cats
    Team Good Time
    Team Maximum Fire and Security
    Team CutBait
    Team Bare Cats

    1st and 2nd Big Fish of Tournament:
    1.Team Miller-44.35 lb Blue-$392
    2.Team Blue Bucket-36.60 lb Blue-$168

    Points Standings After 3 of 5 Events:…Top 30
    1.Team Miller-81
    2.Team JamieK Outdoors-64
    Team Whiskers-64
    4.Team DMD-59
    5.Team Blue Bucket-58
    6.Team Stumpgrinder-55
    Team Trophy Hunter-55
    8.Team Reel Addiction-50
    Team PoleKat-50
    10.Team Troller-44
    11.Team Tightline-41
    12.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders-38
    13.Team RiverCats-38
    14.Team Good Time-35
    15,Team Cat Snatch Fever-30
    16.Team Playing Possum-28
    17.Team Rod Benders-27
    18.Team Edwards-26
    19.Team Humpback Blue-25
    20.Team CutBait-24
    21.Team Fish Bite-23
    22.Team Reelin the Blues-20
    23.Team Brown Dog-19
    24.Team Reel Cheap-17
    Team Sparky-17
    26.Team Rod Down-15
    Team Get the Net-15
    28.Team Mr.Whisker-13
    Team Professional Hookers-13
    30.Team Catmaxx-12

    Points Championship and Big Fish Of Year After 3 of 5 Events:
    1st Points-$1620
    2nd Points-$810
    Big Fish of the Year-$270

    A Special Thanks to our Sponsors-Fish Bite Rod Holders,JamieK Outdoors,Boat Sales Of Lake Wylie,Catch The Fever Outdoors,Q2U BBQ,Pepsi and Kangaroo Express

    Next Tournament:
    March 19,2016
    Fishing Creek Reservoir
    Hwy 21 Access

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