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  • Holly shelter area Handicapped hunting

    This morning Saturday,Nov. 28.2015, I got up early and went to the handicapped blind off of Shaw Hwy. in Pender county. It is about a half mile past the entrance to Holly Shelter off of Shaw Hwy. This is my first time hunting there this deer season, I checked the day before and they had put back the damaged blind. So I was really fired up. After waiting for daylight to get there and warm up it was finally happening. Only I heard so dogs hunting in the distance and lots of shots. So I said yes the deer are moving. Only the handicapp road and field is off limits to hound hunters. Apparently only the ones who do what they want to do and who cares about handicapped people. They had no handicapped permit, or even one companion permit. They ran their dogs all over from the road, Shaw Hwy. toward the handicapp area and then they drove all the way down the handicap lane to the blind that I was in. The first group drove down and then turned around and left. The second group of trucks an people and dogs were all over and the dogs ran right in front of my blind then the grandpa shot a deer right behind my blind. I told them they were illegal and ruining my hunting and they said they had been doing it for 25 yrs and hunting here as well. So if the conservation is not going to inforce the law, just take down the signs, and lets have a free for all which is what is happening now. It was totally disrespectful.

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