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  • Travis Limbaker Trio Double Header

    November 21, 2015 Travis Limbaker of Mount Pleasant South Carolina had a Trio Double Header. After an hour drive from Mount Pleasant to Trio, SC we entered the property and signed in at the gate. Travis made his way to the stand across the soybean field and I walked down a logging road to a stand deep in a pine thicket. It was just after daybreak as I was settling into my stand when I heard the thunderous crack of a rifle with a solid report. One Down. We texted back and forth to acknowledge the hit. The day was already a success and the sun had barely crested the horizon. Travis got down from his stand and found the buck making sure that his aim was true. It was early so he chose to get back in the stand and see what else would come by. In less than an hour he found himself adjusting his position to make a shot across the field at a large racked buck that was coming through the broomstraw. He first saw the buck at about 350 yards coming towards the field and he quickly prepared for a shot if it became available. 325, 320, 315 and the buck disappeared into the brush. He was gone, vanished, no where to be found. Travis was devastated and sat back in his chair. The sighting had created a whirlwind of excitement that kept him at the edge of his seat. He scanned the field edge in hopes of catching the buck stepping into the field. 'ETERNITY PASSES' ( Actually ~ Just a few short minutes ) and the buck makes his way to the field. Travis is ready for him and when he gets to 275 yards he gently squeezes the trigger. He goes down. The Double Header in Trio is complete.

    Congratulations Travis, on Two Fine South Carolina Whitetails.

    Next time, I want the field stand!

    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter