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  • Catawba Catfish Club Lake Wylie 11-14-15 Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 2nd Tournament of the 2015-2016 Season today{11-14-15} on Lake Wylie in Lake Wylie,S.C….We had 31 Boats come out and fish today..All were competing for a Total Pot of $2700..We had clear skies with a morning low in the Low 30s and a High in the Mid 50s,wind was steady at 8-10ph most of the day with some gust to 15,water was stained to muddy after recent heavy rains and a cold front that pushed through the day before..The bite was pretty slow for most but some teams managed some decent fish to bring to the scales,weights were lower than what the norm has been on Wylie the last few years but it was still a very close weigh inthrough the field,we had 25 of 31 boats bring fish to the scales..
    Here are the Final Results:
    1.Team Good Times{Gary Morton Jr.,Gary Morton Sr. and Caleb Sturgis} 70.00 and $1350
    2.Team Stumpgrinder{Dale Sturgis and Danial Sturgis}-69.70 and $810
    3.Team Miller{Brandon Miller and Justin Barger}-67.95 and $546
    4.Team Cutbait{Jimmy Harbert and Elada Sanders}-65.15
    5.Team Whisker{Shane Queen and Toby Griffin}-59.85
    6.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-58.55
    7.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciocco}-56.35
    8.Team JamieK Outdoors{Clay Henderson,Jason Henderson,Mike Horne}-55.45
    9.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Wes Rollings,Phillip Rollings and Michael Thomas}-53.95
    10.Team DMD{Mike Rape,David Catoe and Tony Cauthen}-52.35
    11.Team Blue Bucket{Strawberry Wooten and Jeff Jackson}-44.60
    12.Team Get the Net{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-41.85
    13.Team Tightline{Brian Snipes,Bubba Branch and Josh Coggins}-39.90
    14,Team Mr. Whisker{John Faust,Lorie Faust,Tim Williams}-37.95
    15.Team Trophy Hunter{John Terry,Steve Whitley and Wormy}-37.45
    16.Team PoleKat{Benji Brown and Riley Brown}-36.25
    17.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith and Joe Morton}-35.95
    18.Team FishBite{Alan Long}-33.80
    19.Team RiverCats{Michael DeBus.Shirley DeBus and Michael York}-33.80
    20.Team CattMaxx{David Parlier,Michael Carbaugh}-32.10
    21.Team Rod Down{Gene Gaston and Damon Gibson}-28.55
    22.Team McLean{Keith McLean,Kevin ?,Anthony Hamrick}-25.00
    23.Team Maximim Fire and Security{Richard Sharpe and Richard Worskow}-21.20
    24.Tem Troller{Mark Follett and Lindsay Bigham}-16.55
    25.Team PrimeSlime{Evan Martin and Larry Godwin}-15.90
    26.Team Whisker Sticker{Kevin Love,Jonathon Heffner,Brandon Watts and Jeff Padgett}-0
    27.Team Reel Cheap{Joe Whitehead and TJ Roark}-0
    28.Team Reel Addiction-0
    29.Team Sparky-0
    30.Team Blaster-0
    31.Team Edwards-0
    1st Big Fish of Tournament-Team Stumpgrinder{Dale Surgis}-43.20 lb Flathead-$434
    2nd Big Fish of Tournament-Team Miller{Brandon Miller}-37.25 lb Blue-$186
    Points Standings After 2 of % Events:
    1.Team Stumpgrinder-52
    2.Team Miller-48
    3.Team Trophy Hunter-42
    4.Team Whisker-38
    5.Team DMD-37
    6.Team Good Times-35
    7.Team JamieK Outdoors-34
    Team Blue Bucket-34
    9.Team PoleKat-32
    10.Team Reel Addiction-31
    11.Team Troller-29
    12.Team Reel Time-28
    Team Playin Possum-28
    14.Team Tightlie-25
    Team RiverCats-25
    16.Team CutBait-24
    17.Team Cat Snatch Fever-23
    18.Team Reelin the Blues-20
    19.Team Brown Dog-19
    20.Team Reel Cheap-17
    21.Team Rod Benders-15
    Team Get the Net-15
    Team Rod Down-15
    24.Team Professional Hookers-13
    Team Mr. Whiskers-13
    26.Team McLean-10
    27.Team Fish Bite-9
    28.Team Fish Hunter-8
    29.Team CattMaxx-7
    30.7 Teams Tied with 5 Points
    37.3 Teams Tied with 0
    Points and Big Fish of the Year Funds after 2 of 5 Tournament:
    1st Points-$1116
    2nd Points-$558
    Big Fish of the year-$186
    We would like to thank all of you for coming out and fishing,next tournament is January 9,2016 at Lake Wateree at the State Park
    Thanks to all of our Sponsors and what you do for us:
    Fish Bite Rod Holders..JamieK Outdoors…Catch The Fever Outdoors..Boat Sales of Lake Wylie..Q2U BBQ..Kangaroo Express…Pepsi.