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  • Bahama Bruiser

    On Thursday (11/5) I pulled the cam card and saw this buck for the first time on a pic that was taken around 4:30am on 11/1/15. I had passed on several 120' deer and this pic was the best buck I had seen so far. When I left that evening I sprayed Buck Bomb Doe in Estrus around the area near my stand.

    Got in my stand around 6am (just before first light) on Friday morning and settled in, prepared for a long day. As luck would have it, I was rewarded fairly quickly. I harvested this awesome buck right at 8am with my CVA Optima.

    He is a 13pt - main frame 10 pointer. He has G2's just under a foot and 11inch G3's. His (unofficial) green gross score is 155 7/8.