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  • Holly Springs Angler Lands 11.4 Pound Bass At Shearon Harris

    Fowarded by Phil McCarson from Keith Deal of Holly Springs fishing in the Raleigh Bassmaster Club Championship at Shearon Harris on Sunday, October 25th....
    'I finally joined the double-digit lunker club this past weekend! I caught the biggest bass of my life yesterday down at Harris during the second day of our clubs end of year classic tourney. The Hawg weighed 11 lbs. 4 ozs. My jig was all down in the roots of a stump when the fish hit. She was hung in the stump, and we played tug-of-war for almost a minute, before sawing the root off with my line and finally swimming out of the cover. Knowing that 15 lb. line was frayed to pieces, I completely loosened the drag, and tried finesse playing the fish to the boat, with as little pressure as possible. Of course she had other thoughts, and pulled like a mule! When she surfaced, I bout had a stroke, and realized I had on another 10+ Bass, that in the past Ive never been able to get in the boat. I was by myself, and after several attempts, finally got that huge thing in the net. What a great day!!! Also, after I talked with my Dad, he reminded me that he caught his biggest Bass ever, also 11 lbs. 4 ozs., on Oct. 25, 1978. Exactly 37 years ago. Now aint that cool!'