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  • Blessed day

    I was blessed to harvest this Wilson county buck with my black powder gun on the first Tuesday of the season. After getting many trail cams of this deer since August I was finally able to shoot him yesterday. He was a 4.5 year old 8 pointer last year and blew into a nice mature 5.5 year old 10 pointer this year. My wife Mollie and I had hunted him a couple of times during bow season seeing him twice. We/he had changed his patterns after his velvet dropped moving deeper and further into a different cutover as the season has progressed.

    I saw him with 3 days left in bow season and soon after I was fortunate enough to make a stand adjustment adding some mock scrapes near his bedding area to set up a muzzleloader hunt. I waited til the warm muggy weather passed thinking I might get a chance at him moving just before dark on a nice cooler blue sky day.

    Long story short he showed up about 645pm and I shot him at about 100 yards away. As is often the case with a muzzle loader there was a cloud of smoke and a deer that had disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. After waiting 30 minutes I slipped down quietly and walked down my shooting lane to find a small amount of blood and what I hoped/thought was a piece of lung. Not seeing any more immediate sign I pulled out and called some helpful friends and we went back about an hour later only to find a speck of blood where he entered a semi flooded woods. We were force to track only where we thought he went as we found No other blood at all. (Not even a drop)Knowing if it was a lung hit he should be dead within 150 yards we began to be concerned we weren't in the correct area or it wasn't a lethal shot. After much searching and prayer (especially from my wife) one of my friends walked up on the deer.

    It was truly a God thing! He was double lunged but the bullet did not exit (hanging up just under the skin on the exit side)

    Btw the SPEC on the tree where he went in the woods was on the side of the tree where there was NO EXIT wound.(Godthing) There should have been no blood on that side of the tree. Let alone a spec that my friend Thomas sniffed out.

    I firmly believe the Lord does things and shows you things so you will always know he has to be involved. Mollie Katelyn(my step daughter) and I will have to find another big deer to hunt now but we are grateful to have been a part of a long history with the Big 10

    It was quite a deer for Wilson (especially with a muzzleloader)

    I'm quick to realize it was a Blessed Day!

    God is good

    David Dorsey
    Re: Blessed day
    Congrats on a great deer and a nice PBP.