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  • Live Baiting Spanish

    Decided to go give the big Spanish a try on Sunday morning, August 9th. Had Sargent Trevor Hanlon of the North Carolina National Guard and his son Jordan on board with me. The wind being out of the NE had the beach slick so we headed down to AR 315 with pogies in the live well. Unfortunately nothing at 315. Did have a few baits chased and swirled on but no commitments. Moved on down the beach and were lucky enough to have Jordan catch his first Spanish. Not a huge one but a nice fish. Thought it was going to be on but the sharks commenced to wear us out, 2 and 3 on at a time. fished till 10:30 and called it a morning. I love to take kids and have them experience the beauty of the ocean and all that it has to offer!

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