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  • Opening Day Birds

    I was calling up a screaming tom and not knowing some hens and several toms were coming in toward my hunting buddy, which I could not see. I saw the hens heading toward the gobbling tom 'bang' turkey down. The tom was still gobbling and coming toward buddy sat still as long as he could stand it. The shot tom started flapping around so he had to get up and retrieve him. The hens polled the gobbling tom into the deep woods.
    We were walking toward the 4-wheelers and we heard a gobbling tom in the distance. I headed toward the tom and set up and started calling, long story short big boy cam in strutting and drumming and had his (2) other buddies with him. Big tom turned and headed away leaving the other (2) birds 20 yards away. Shot rang out and the 10-inch beard 1-inch spur tom was down.
    Re: Opening Day Birds
    Nice bird, tomorrow in Holly Shelter I will try to out gun the others and kill a bird. Only can't hear them until they are close so I am toning down my calling. I used to be real aggressive when I could hear them and judge how hot they were. But when they get so close I have to be careful. So far only hear one gobble and it was a weird gobble, very short and not to loud. These are swamp birds and never heard or seen so many running the swamps.