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  • Catawba Catfish Club Fishing Creek Reservoir 3-14-15 Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 7th tournament of the 2014-2015 Season today {3-14-15} on Fishing Creek Reservoir in Great Falls,S.C..We had 30 Boats comprised of 60 Anglers show up to fish today…All were fishing for a Total Pot of $1200..All were greeted with a morning low at the ramps with a chilly and rainy 44 degrees,temps rose in the afternoon to around 60....Water temp was 54-56 with 5-10 mph winds…In the end the bite proved to be decent for most anglers with 27 of 30 boats weighing in fish..After all weights were calculated the Team of Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith and Goy Robinson} picked up the win and also set a new Catawba Catfish Club Fishing Creek Reservoir record for 3 fish weigh in…They weighed in a 3 fish stringer of 81.35 lbs,very impressive indeed and good for $600 1st Place money!! Team Rod Benders Coy Robinson also won the Big Fish Pot with a 47.75 lb Blue and collected $290 for that with 29 of the 30 boats entered in that..
    Team DMD maintained the Points Lead by a slim 1 Point over Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders and Team Trophy Hunter both tied for 2nd.

    Here is the Final Rundown:
    1.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith and Coy Robinson}-81.35 and $600
    2.Team Catfish On/Wyliecat{Dieter Melhorn}-62.85 and $300
    3.Team Cat N Around{Robert Couick and Jason Love}-55.65 and $180
    4.Team P & J{Jarrett Oaks and Phil Donato}-55.25 and $120
    5.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Wes Rollings,Phil Rollings and Michael Thomas}-54.95
    6.Team Tightline{Brian Snipes and Bibba Branch}-52.90
    7.Team FatCat{George and Karen Lindsay}-50.25
    8.Team Trophy Hunter{John Terry and Steve Whitley}-47.20
    9.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-46.95
    10.Team DMD{Mike Rape,David Catoe and Tony Cauthen}-46.05
    11.Team Why Not{Scott Edwards}-45.65
    12.Team Fish Bite Rod Holders{Alan Long}-43.80
    13.Team Total Chaos{Chad Catledge,Travis Honeycutt and Pappy Love}-43.75
    14.Team Jamie K Outdoors{Clay Henderson,Jason Henderson,Gary Morton,Caleb Sturgis}-42.25
    15.Team Get The Net{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-40.70
    16.Team T & G{Guy Covington and Todd Cooper}-40.20
    17.Team Hooked Up{David Aycoth and Colby Nance}-38.35
    18.Team PoleKat{Benji Brown,Riley Brown and Cary Vanden Broecke}-35.75
    19.Team Line Screamers{Ric Helms and Kenny Edwards}-35.60
    20.Team Professional Hookers{Terry Springs and TJ Springs}-31.50
    21.Team Whiskers{Shane Queen}-29.15
    22.Team Catfish Express{Strawberry Wooten and Randy Wooten}-28.95
    23.Team Troller{Mark Follett and Ron W.}-27.00
    24.Team High Winds Drifter{Matthew Goodale and Adrian Smith}-24.60
    25.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciocco}-22.75
    26.Team Flint River Cats{Josh Coggins and Tim Coggins}-22.00
    27.Team RiverCats{Brian Mitchell,Clyde Mitchell,Michael DeBus and Katie Blackwelder}-11.45
    28.Team Craig,Team Sparky and Team Cutbait-Did Not Weigh In

    Points Standings After 6 of 9 Tournaments:
    1.Team DMD-143
    2.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders-142
    Team Trophy Hunter-142
    4.Team Reelin the Blues-116
    5.Team Rod Benders-109
    6.Team Total Chaos-106
    7.Team Cat Snatch Fever-102
    8.Team Get the Net-101
    9.Team Jamie K Outdoors-95
    Team PoleKat-95
    11.Team RiverCats-88
    12.Team Fat Cat-81
    Team Whiskers-81
    14.Fish Bite Rod Holders-78
    Team Tightline-78
    16.Team Line Screamers-78
    17.Team Got tha Blues-66
    18.Team Humpback Blue-62
    19.Team Sparky-61
    Team P & J-61
    21.Team Troller-56
    22.Team Mr.Whiskers-55
    23.Team Professional Hookers-52
    24 .Team Southern Brothers-51
    25.Team Flint River Cats-50
    26.Team Craig-48
    Team Whisker Whipped-48
    28.Team CatfishOn/WylieCat-45
    29.Team Bent Back-40
    30.Team Hooked Up-38
    31.Team Hickory Fisher-37
    32.Team High Winds Drifter-36
    33.Team Blaster-34
    34.Team V-30
    35.Team Cat N Around-26
    36.Team Drifter-25
    37.Team Why Not-23
    Team Catfish Express-23
    39.Team Whackum-21
    40.Team CutBait-20
    41.Team Hughes-19
    42.Team Stumpgrinder-16
    43.Team King Cats-15
    Team Fat Ray-15
    45.Team Cat Tamer-14
    46.Team PoleBender-12
    47.Team T $ G-11
    48.Team Campbell-10
    Team Keller-10
    50. Team Wicked Whiskers-8

    34 Other Teams with less than 8 Points

    Points and Big Fish of Year Fund After 6 of 9 Tournaments:
    1st Points - $1719
    2nd Points - $860
    Big Fish Of Year - $286

    We would like to thank all of our Sponsors for your continued Support and Donations:
    Boat Sales of Lake Wylie
    Fish Bite Rod Holders
    Jamie K Outdoors
    Sea Tow
    Q2U BBQ Pit
    Kangaroo Express

    Next Tournament:
    Lake Wateree
    April 11,2015
    Lake Wateree State Park
    6:30am -3:00pm
    3:30pm Weigh In