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  • Catawba Catfish Club Lake Wylie 2-28 15 Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 6th tournament of the 2014-2015 Season today {2-28-15} on Lake Wylie in Lake Wylie,S.C..We has 31 boats comprised of 64 Anglers show up to fish today…All were greeted with a morning low at the ramps with a chilly 30 degrees,temps rose in the afternoon to around 40..Water temp was in mid 40s with 10-15 mph winds…In the end the bite proved to be off a bit for most anglers with 25 of 31 boats weighing in fish..After all weights were calculated the Team of Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciaocco} picked up the win and also set a new Catawba Catfish Club Lake Wylie record for 3 fish weigh in…They weighed in a 3 fish stringer of 103.40 lbs,very impressive indeed and good for $512 1st Place money!! Team High Winds Drifter{Mattew Goodale and Adrian Smith} won the Big Fish Pot with a 47.50 lb Blue and collected $310 for that.
    Team DMD took over the Points Lead by a slim 2 Points with a very solid 2nd Place Finish.

    Here is the Final Rundown:
    1.Team Reelin The Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciaocco}-103.40 and $512
    2.Team DMD{Mike Rape,David Catoe and Tony Cauthen}-71.55 and $328
    3.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Wes Rollings and Michael Thomas}-70.25 and $256
    4.Team Whisker{Shane Queen}-60.10 and $128
    5.Team PoleKat{Benji Brown,Riley Brown and Dawn Debski}-56.70 and $64
    6.High Winds Drifter{Matthew Goodale and Adrian Smith}-50.85
    7.Team Drifter:Arnold Hodge and Chuck Payseur}-49.50
    8.Team Tightline{Brian Snipes and Bubba Branch}-46.95
    9.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-44.00
    10.Team Catfish On{Rodger Taylor and Dieter Melhorn}-43.75
    11.Team Fish Bite Rod Holders{Alan Long and Brad Long}-39.70
    12.Team Sparky{Ron Carden and Rick Seese}-38.20
    13.Team Get the Net{Jamie Dickerson and Harry Dickerson}-35.20
    14.Team Rod Benders{Jeffrey Smith and Randy Smith}-34.95
    15.Team Total Chaos{Chad Catledge and Pappy Love}-33.00
    16.Team Fat Cat{George Lindsay,Damon Gibson and Kip Holsenback}-31.10
    17.Team Campbell{Ashley Cambell and Tony Campbell}-30.70
    18.Team Mr. Whisker{John Faust and Tim Williams}-29.15
    19.Team RiverCats{Brian Mitchell,Clyde Mitchell and Michael DeBus}-28.60
    20.Team Why Not{Scott Edwards}-25.00
    21.Team Grady{Kevin Love}-24.90
    22.Team Flint River Cats{Josh Coggins and Dennis Wheeler}-24.40
    23.Team Jamie K Outdoors{Clay Henderson,Jason Henderson,Gary Morton,Caleb Sturgis}-23.00
    24.Team Trophy Hunter{John Terry and Steve Whitley}-20.15
    25.Team Southern Brothers{Duane Neiderhiser and David Rumfelt}-1.45

    Points Standings After 6 of 9 Tournaments:
    1.Team DMD-126
    2.Team Reel Time/Fish Bite Rod Holders-124
    3.Team Trophy Hunter-123
    4.Team Reelin the Blues-111
    5.Team Total Chaos-92
    6.Team Get the Net-89
    7.Team PoleKat-86
    8.Team RiverCats-83
    9.Team Jamie K Outdoors-82
    10.Team Cat Snatch Fever-80
    11.Team Whisker-76
    12.Team Rod Benders-74
    13.Team Got Tha Blues-66
    14.Team Line Screamers-65
    15.Team Fish Bite Rod Holders-63
    16.Team Humpback Blue-62
    17.Team Fat Cat-61
    Team Sparky-61
    19.Team Tightline-57
    20.Team Mr.Whiskers-55
    21.Team Troller-51
    Team Southern Brothers-51
    23.Team Whisker Whipped-48
    Team Craig-48
    25.Team Flint River Cats-45
    Team Professional Hookers-45
    27.Team Bent Back-40
    28.Team Hickory Fisher-37
    Team P & J-37
    30.Team Blaster-34
    31.Team High Winds Drifter-31
    32.Team V-30
    33.Team Hooked Up-28
    34.Team Drifter-25
    35.Team Whackum-21
    36.Team Cut Bait-20
    37.Team Hughes-19
    38.Team Catfish Express-18
    39.Team Catfish On-17
    40.Team Stumpgrinder-16
    41.Team Fat Ray-15
    Team King Cats-15
    43.Team Team Polebender-14
    44.Team Wright-12
    45.Team Keller-10
    Team Campbell-10
    47.Team Team Wicked Whiskers-8
    48.Team Brown/Jakson-7
    Team Why Not-7
    50. 11 Team Tied with 5
    61. 23 Teams with )

    Points and Big Fish of Year Fund After 6 of 9 Tournaments:
    1st Points - $1539
    2nd Points - $770
    Big Fish Of Year - $256

    We would like to thank all of our Sponsors for your continued Support and Donations:
    Boat Sales of Lake Wylie
    Fish Bite Rod Holders
    Jamie K Outdoors
    Sea Tow
    Q2U BBQ Pit
    Kangaroo Express

    Next Tournament:
    Fishing Creek Reservoir
    March 14,2015
    Highway 21 Access
    7:00am -3:00pm
    3:30pm Weigh In