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  • Tough Year

    Was just wondering about other hunters view on this topic. This has been a tough year. While I was able to take 4 deer, seeing them is tough. 95 percent of the pictures that I had was at night. Not sure what the deal was. Just wondering how it went for other hunters.
    Good question.
    I think the bumper acorn crop DOES have something to do with deer staying cozy and nocturnal more than usual.. I wonder if the deer come to anticipate these years and adjust their movement accordingly??

    The other thing for me is a TOTAL lack of deer sightings, including night time pics on the trail cams. I made an effort to not check them more than every few weeks and still it just seems the deer disappeared and most sadly, the biggest bucks have vanished.

    Again, will be interesting to see what Mr. Stanford and the biologists have to say if they figure it out? Seems it's been a down year across the board in NC.
    tough year
    'Tough Year' understatement for me...not lol...:(

    First, let me say again, Congrats to all that killed some goodens this year...It seems ya'LL were exceptions to the rule..
    Now for my sob story...I did take one doe, shoulda had more but missed one with the bow and flinched on another with the muzzle loader. My year started with the track of land I hunt being clear cut down to the dirt, nothing left standing. So I found myself having to try to lure deer from the adjoining properties using corn and other supplements to get their attention, you know how that works..Just because the corns there does not mean the deer will be there. I too experienced the same thing, fewer deer, fewer pics than normal, and the one's there were sun shy cause they only came out at night, except for winkin and blinkin, twin button heads, they aint learned yet, they'll catch on sooner or later. anyway, hoping next year will improve, I'm banking on thicker cover and strategically placed food plots to draw'em in. hopefully the herd will begin to rebound next year as does begin to their thing.
    It definitely was a tuff one...until then, let's go fishin....