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  • One nice one...w a kickstand.

    **Skip to pics to avoid long story!**

    I was blessed to take an odd, but nice 9-pt this year, just prior to Thanksgiving, right when a nice cold snap hit.

    That morning, I got into the stand at 530. By 630, I thought I heard footsteps behind me a ways, but I couldn't see anything, and it stopped. Squirrels started coming out, too.

    At 7, a doe came flying out of some thick stuff right towards me, stopped, spun on a dime, and left in full run. Then.

    At 745, I hear noise RIGHT behind the tree. I look tight over my left shoulder and see the back half of a deer's back, RIGHT behind the tree. I have no freaking idea where he came from. I didn't hear him until right then. (Maybe he was the deer I had hear earlier? Did he bed down right behind me?)

    I slipped the flip-off mitten off my right hand, took off the safety and readied. Heart pounding. Deer still walking. I hear him. Don't see him! Doh - he came out the right side of the stand. When I saw him, I saw nice antlers (nicer than I've had before), a thick neck, and his head was low to the ground.

    He froze. So did I, with the gun pointed in the wrong direction. He's 15 yards from me. He needed to get his head behind a pair of trees for me to bring my gun around.

    When he did, I swung the gun over, up to my left eye, and realized my left-hand (trigger) mitten was still on! I felt for the trigger (luckily, it's not a 1-pounder), and Boom!

    He took off like he hadn't been hit, and I was shocked. But....50 yards later, he stopped, took 5 steps to his right, and fell over.

    A few seconds later, a doe walks away from a spot not 30 yards away. I hadn't seen her, heard her, and wondered if she had been bedded there. I must have walked right by her.

    Then...a minute later...I'm filming a little post-hunt video from the stand, and a 4 pt walks by...and meanders around where that doe had been. Then he went over to my buck, and stood over it for a bit, and then left.

    I finally got down, looked for blood (tho he was dead 50 yards away), tried to film the recovery, and said 'Screw it. Let's see this deer!'

    There he lay, body on its side, but head held completely upright by a kickstand! I was surprised b/c I had only see his left side rack. A nice typical side. His right hand side was gnarly, but cool.

    His left side is 10' inside from center of skull, and the left is 7'. Had he been symmetrical/typical, he'd have been 20.

    Sorry for the long post. I surprised myself typing it, but the excitement came back...

    My first 'nice' deer (for my Beaufort Co. standards!) and I'm getting him mounted.

    Thinking semi-sneak or semi-upright with a sharp downturn to his head to really show off both sides. (not sure which turn - right or left.
    Kick stand
    Hell, I'd get excited also!
    Nice deer!
    Having problem with photos...
    Way to go Hawkman
    I appreciate the excitement and wish there was more following on these reports but seems pretty dead this year..

    Great buck and hope to see more next year. Posts AND deer that is!
    kick stand buck
    Awesome buck, thx for the play by play. Congrats
    cool buck
    That is an awesome buck. I would definitely have him mounted. One of the coolest I've seen this season.congrats
    Re: One nice one...w a kickstand.
    Awesome Story and an Awesome Buck!! Pretty neat looking buck I might say...Thanks for sharing!