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  • Is a .243 big enough for hogs

    Im new to the forum. Thanks for having me in the forum. Looking forward to learning more on hog hunting.
    I need some advice on a gun for my 10 y/o son. He is wanting his own rifle. He is little over 100 lbs. He is not recoil shy, but havn't shot anything bigger than a .270 or a 20g. with 3'' turkey loads. I dont won't to get him recoil shy or develop a flitch.
    I been hunting hogs about 10 years and always hunted them with a .7mm, .270,12ga. with 3'' buckshot, or bow. My son his interested in deer and hog hunting. He has been going with me since he was 5.
    The other day he wanted to shoot my .270. Has has been wanting to shoot it for about a month. So I let him shoot it. The first day he didn't do to good. That was suspected. He shot it about 6-7 times. He couldn't hit a paper plate. After watching him, i figured out the problem. He was pulling the trigger back instead of squeezing it. The second day he was hitting the plate,but about a 5'-6' group at about 80-90 yrds. I was proud.
    The next day we shot, he was about the same with the .270. My brother in law brought over his .243 and my son shot that. The first time shooting he was shooting 2'-3' groups and got better from there. My son said he likes the smaller scope better on the .243. He said he likes the .270 but the scope is too big. He's scared of being scoped eyed. I think the .270 recoil was alittle much. He said it didn't bother him but i think so.
    I said all that to ask, is a .243 big enough for 150-250. lb hogs. Or would the .270 with manage recoil rounds be better. I forgot to mention the .270 round was a 150 grain corlok, and the .243 was a 100 grain. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks, sorry for being so long.