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  • A Yankee's View

    Well, as a newbie and a, well, Yankee, I am going to say ( Not that you need any more Northern Opinions!)
    that what I have been seeing on this site is very impressive. I have seen some truly spectacular bucks here. There is a huge difference in the way and seasons of hunting in NC vs Pa. I also like the fact there are many women and youngsters in the field in NC. What I have noticed is that the bucks in NC appear to really get the points and height on the racks. We are getting big bodied deer (300 lbs live weight is becoming more likely) but our racks, genetically can not get past 8 or 9 points and they get no height so a 150 class buck is as rare as hen's teeth. The one's I have gotten on camera or roadkills in the Holly Ridge area have it all going for them. I thought we had the best bear hunting in the US but I may be wrong. I look forward to learning the ways of hunting NC. Totally different than Pa and hopefully, I can share a Yankee's viewpoint and pass on what we do to get at the bucks, gobbler's , and bears. Congrats to all the one's with the big bucks. Wish us luck as we are just finishing bow season and will do two weeks of rifle in three weeks