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  • Veteran's Day Buck

    Posting for Huntman5 cuz he cant remember his password and the website's password recovery doesn't seem to work.

    Dad set me up in his Viper that he set yesterday. He saw a hot doe yesterday evening and thought my chances were good in this location and I did not have to wait long.

    Shortly after 7am I heard a loud commotion - it sounded like someone was on the other side of the creek from me beating the ground with a pinetop or something. I stood up to see if I could see what in the world they were doing and then I saw this buck step into the creek. I guess he was thrashing some brush with his antlers. He stepped up on my side of the creek bank. He was behind me on my right. I eased around and he angled straight for me. He stopped in an open spot about 30yds away and I dropped the hammer. He didn't go 50yds and I was sooo happy when I watched him hit the floor.

    He's a mature 9 pointer. We put him on the scale and field dressed he weighed right at 150lbs. Great day to be outta school.

    Big thanks to all veterans who have fought and died for me to enjoy all kinds of things including hunting.
    Heck Yeah!!
    Congrats Huntman5!! That is a fantastic buck. Definitely looks like and old mature stud. Reading your post I could almost hear your heart pounding as you were searching through the branches looking for what made all that noise.. I love it when those big boys are making their presence known. Judging by your smile I can only imagine what dads smile looks like. lol congrats!!
    9 Pointer
    Big congrats to Huntman!!! That is AWESOME buddy!! I know he has a proud Poppa too!! A job well done to both of you!!