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  • dying deer

    what has anyone heard about a deer disease
    this year around fr4anklin county
    I dropped a doe off sat pm at pearces custom processing in Louisburg and the biologists were there taking samples, weight and aging them and stuff, they said Franklin County got hit the hardest with EHD and it had spread into Granville County. I heard that Franklin lost about 75% of the herd. I'm afraid that it hit in Warren County too. I had two really nice bucks go mia the week before bow season. I had been watching them since July and then in mid Sept they seemed to have gone missing. As of Saturday they are not showing up on any of my cams that I have out across the property I hunt.

    Look around water sources, I hear they go to water just before dying.

    good hunting
    I'm glad I saw this. This has been the worst opening week I've ever seen in my 20+ years of hunting, and now it makes sense. I was searching to see what's up with CWD and if it was here, but wow. 75%??? I can definitely see it here. It would also explain why I kept finding my pigs chomping on dead deer carcasses in the woods this summer. Thanks for the info.