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  • Falls Lake Need Help!!!

    Hi, I have recently moved here and bought a boat. I have always fished with my dad on lake James very clear water and tons of cover on the shores. I have been fishing at falls 4 times and not caught a single bass! I NEED HELP!!! I have tried everything it seems. I have tried timber, points, creeks, coves. I have tried different lures spinner bait, crank bait, buzz bait, worm, jigs, umbrella, top water, all of them in several different colors. I think i am switching it up to much and not fishing the right spots with the right lures long enough. I know people are catching fish because recent tournaments have been catching fish. Has anyone fished this lake recently and have any tips? What kinda structure to fish, what lures, what colors (with the murky water), and should I look for certain stuff on the sonar?
    Thanks ,DIllon