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  • Hard work

    The landowner/former farmer always puts in a few acres of oats and rye for me each year but figured I'd give it a try THE HARD WAY for a little strip over-looking an isolated stand I have..I know I'll get SOME results on this one but not sure how good. My little tiller kicks butt for it's size but doesn't always go real deep..

    After about 5 hours, I was able to create 1/8 acre and put down 'Evolved Harvest clover crush with some shot plot brassicas' mixed in.

    Hey, I need the excercise anyway! Will update when/if it grows.. LOL
    Food Plot
    It may be done the hard way but at the end of the day you accomplished the same thing I would have with my tractor....I have been there and done that....When you put that much time and effort into something it makes success feel even greater...Love to see some pics later on....
    Nice, but...I use an old mule and a plow...

    Just kidding. Love the picture. That's worth a few words there for sure. I have a feeling this hard work will pay off. Best wishes.
    hard work
    Sweat equity always makes the venison taste better