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  • Bushnell Game Cams

    Don't know if I can say this or not but if not the mod will delete.
    I have a game cam that has a two year warranty, called Bushnell to make sure and they told me go to their website. Even before that I was asked for mod and serial and date code. We agreed it was less then two yrs old. It was actually 18 months by mfg date.
    I get a letter saying it's not worth repairing and no longer in warranty and it could be replaced for $147.00, I only paid $99.00 I call and explain by the date code and serial number that it's not two yrs old. puts me on hold and comes back and says it was mfged in 2010 and I explain you must have the wrong camera. He basically said pound salt and to bad and on top of that they want $10.00 for shipping and handling back.
    How much more could I have done? I even have the name of the person I talked to originally with date and time and he agreed it was waranteed or I wouldn't have wasted 12 bucks to send it back.
    Any suggestions?
    Yuup, I had the same exact thing happen to me. I bought 2 from one them @#%$ it's too good to be true web sites for about the same $. I sent one back and got the same spill...must be one of those choreographed bits you get from their customer service. I wasn't so polite and patient and told'em what I thought, they didn't care. I sent an email to corporate and told them I was completely dissatisfied and said I'm only one customer and I will never buy your brand again, that was about 3 years ago and I will buy tasco optics before I buy anything from them again ever. They don't care. Those Bushnell cams are POS.....(go Moultrie) I say take it outside and strap it to a tree, turn on the video, unload 100 rounds or so in it, hit it with a sledge hammer than facebook it, you tube least you'll get some stress relief from it.
    I walked away with the impression that if you buy their products anywhere other than their approved vendors they don't care.

    FYI had the same experience with wildgame innovations, that's why I bought the Bushnell's.
    Funny you should mention vendor specific. When I initially called and gave the model and serial with the date code I was initially told that model hadn't been made in 3-4 years, I said well they are the numbers. He put me on hold and got back to me and said it was a specific WallyWorld only run.
    That shouldn't matter to me it was still under warranty thru Bushnell!!!
    I like the shooting it up part then You Tubing it. Will do if I decide to spend the $10.00 to get it back.
    lol wow?
    Hmmm? I can honestly say that my experience has been better with Bushnell Cams...Ive owned them all and in my own opinion...Cuddes are OK if you like Pink footage, Stealth Cams aint worth bring home, Wildgame is a Joke (However I have their Card viewer and so far its OK) Moultrie have a mind of their own but do work and so on...I used to use the original TCs and had issues BUT...each time I returned them with the $10 I was sent a newer updated version with No questions asked...I currently run 3 TCs BlackOuts in HD with no issues except the DEMO I bought from natchezs dirt cheap has a buzzing sound during Video but does work...the other 2 are gander Mountain Camo versions and going on 3 years no with no issues!! I even run the cheapo Tractor Supply brand batteries and they last and last...I have got 1 camera that's been running since June and I just recently had to replace the Batteries and that's getting 16 to 200 45 second Videos a week....As far as where you get them...I'd stay with Wally world and keep the receipt because if and when they act up, just take it back and if they give you any lip just Buy another New one and repack the trouble 1 and get a refund lol...Good Luck
    Ive had good luck with the bushnell blackout but all the other cameras I own cuddeback and moultries cant say the same for
    I'm a Moderator and yes you can share this kind of advise. Outdoor people working with each other.

    I have a Bushnell 3200 Elite. Had it 4 years and something made it not zero. I got the same crap from them. They said it was user damage....not! And then said they no longer make this model but for $265.00 dollars they could sell me a $500.00 dollar scope to replace it. First off it had a Lifetime Warranty second off....if this is how they handle customers that have bought many of their products. Why the heck would I or anyone else ever buy anything from them in the future?

    I will be forwarding this thread to them so they know what a great job their customer service is doing! Let all your friends with a Bushnell issue know to post on this thread.
    Finally got my camera back after much discussion. They still insist it's not in warranty and you can clearly see it's not two yrs. old yet. This makes me definitely believe they are just a dishonest company!