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  • Buying Bow Online vs LBS

    Hi folks,

    Still considering buying a bow. Didn't last year due to $ and time. (finishing a PhD).

    PhD finished, but $ still an issue.

    My local bow shop, of which I've heard great things, and treated me really really well when I just stepped in to check it out, doesn't have much in the way of entry-level bows, in my DL (31.5). That put me into the category of $950 bare bow.

    I'm thinking more along the lines of a $400 Ready-to-hunt Bear Attack combo on ebay. However, I'll still need the help of a bowsmith (is that what you call em?). Another local shop owner that 'does' bow work told me that he will get his money out of a customer that buys elsewhere and comes to him for setup, etc.

    I want a good relationship with my bowshop, but can't afford what they carry. Shall I just ask? Shall I just take my lumps?

    Whatchy'all think?
    It's tough to just Buy a Bow and 'Hope' it fits...a pro shop could help you with a lot of things when your just starting out such as comfortable Draw weight, Correct Draw length ETC...Now if you already had these specs, You could check out Archery Talk or add Archery Buy, Sell, Trade to Your Facebook Friends and I've seen some smoking Deals on there as of late but like I stated, Its hard to just pick up a deal on any Bow and expect it to be 'Your' Bow...Everyone has different anchor Points etc not to mention that your Kisser Button and peep with have to be adjusted for your face and anchor point you prefer so I'm guess, You will end up at a Pro shop anyway sooner or later and be Careful buying 'NEW' bows off sites such as Ebay because even though it's a new Bow, The Company usually don't honor the warranty!!! Good Luck
    Hi GT, I hear ya, but what I'm getting at is: Is your local bow shop cool with customers getting their stuff somewhere else? I mean, they must be, in a sense. It's still new business. I knew someone with a bike shop. I was apologetic for getting work done on bikes, vs. buying them from him (I actually didn't buy any bikes during that time frame, period), but he said he barely got any profit from selling new bikes, but mostly from accessories and working on bikes. It might go the same way for bows.

    Basically, unless a bow shop has what I need in my size for my price, I'm going to have buy elsewhere and hope they'll help me set it up.
    Well....It's always a good idea to buy local and support your local trades and keep our money here but then again, It's hard to not shop around and get a great deal...I've seen people buy arrows for example offline or at a show then take them to their local proshop to be cut when in reality by the time they buy those arrows and drive them to their Bow shop and pay to have them, Cut, Fletched etc and then add in the Gas...I'm sure you could have purchased them for same price or cheaper even at the local shop to begin with? Trust me...The last thing you want to do is over power yourself with a 65/70 pound Bow with a 30 inch draw when you really need a 28 because 1 good string sting on the forearm will cause a bad case of Target panic because each time you draw after that, you'll be thinking about what might happen instead of focusing on your target. I can shoot 70+ pounds easy but my shoulder gives me fits in cooler weather so I just shoot a 50/60 pound Bowtech maxed out at 61 pounds and yet it's still plenty fast and I can draw it smooth even sitting down without waving it over my head trying to get it back....People today are caught up on speed but speed is useless if you can't follow through with a smooth clean draw, and release at your intended target!!
    GT really made some good points....I could not imagine buying a bow that I have not shot...Just like buying a car or anything else that you are investing a lot of money in. There is really a bow out there that you will say 'That's the One' They are not all created equal...I certainly understand the $$ issue but it goes the same with cheaper bows as well. There are some really good bows out there in your price range, it's just a matter of doing your research and visiting pro shops that carry them..As GT said a lot companies will not carry a warranty on an item that was not sold by an authorized dealer so it's definitely something to think about..Good luck hunting for 'The One'....
    Agree with all
    Hawkman, I go off of reviews and so do alot of people these days, as long as you interpret intelligently and as a new doc.. I imagine you will. I've always shot a PSE and last year bought a Brute X package off Cabelas web site last year for $350 + tax and FREE shipping (at the time.) I took it into Gander mtn. locally to set up and was taken care of very well.

    Of course I already know all my specs (draw length/weight preference, etc.) Like all good archers will tell you though; the set up and practice with the bow is way more important than speed, etc.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.
    I'm hearin ya!
    Hi everyone, thanks for your thoughtful comments/advice.

    I would love to support the local businesses. We have a new local shop in Washington, too, and they are only 15 miles from my house, which is awesome. However, the only thing they had for me was a 900 dollar bare bow (not BEAR, but bare!). That's b/c they thought I was a 31.5 draw.

    I almost bought a Parker Eagle RTH pkg at Terry's Archery Plus on Friday evening. Terry's son was great and patient, and I felt bad walking out of there empty-handed. **The problem was the GRIP on the Eagle. Instead of a curve where the grip transitions to the riser, it turns at a right angle, and that 'flat', or horizontal, piece, rested on the large knuckle of my thumb, the joint right near the 'V' b/w thumb and forefinger. By the time I was done shooting it, and another bow, and ready to buy, it was hurting. I started to realize that I was considering buying a bow, with the intention of finding some foam to make the grip comfortable.

    Not good. Better find one that fits!

    They had a Hoyt Charger combo for 650 plus release, arrows, and tax, that was maybe 250-300 out of my range. I wish I'd shot it now, so I'd know if i'd be willing fork over that much more for one.

    Thanks. I'll keep ya posted.