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    First day of bow season yesterday for Chesterfield SC I was able to outsmart a Buck I have been hunting for going on 3 years now throughout the seasons. After getting settle down in the stand and waiting till dark I finally heard what sounded like deer coming through the woods towards my corn pile. Not long after sure enough a little four point came in for a bite to eat and knowing that the bucks are sticking around each other this time of year I went ahead and eased up out of my Lock On and was prepared for what sounded like a much more heavy footed deer approach my shooting lane. At about 8:05 I caught a glimpse of the following Buck and could see nothing but and shadow of the deer's body but the horns where what I could make out the most being it had all the light colored velvet on them. So I drew back and took a shot on the buck and was able to hit the deer's vitals making it a clear kill after me and my father tracked this buck through a cutover for about 150 yds. After getting the deer caped out at the processer the next morning I took the Buck to Sutton's Taxidermy in Pageland SC where he Rough Scored the antlers to 137 1/4 inches. This moment will definitely be one that I will never forget!

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