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  • Redfish Slam!

    8/7/14.After catching 80 trout the previous morning,Chris Tabor and crew wanted to tackle the bronzebacks. Capt Brady Giroir and I headed out with the crew at daybreak and had no problem putting the guys on all the reds they could handle. We found the fish stacked up on an incoming tide and they fed for over 2 hours non- stop. We brought in 50 reds between both boats!. The reds averaged anywhere between 16 in. and 27 in. with the majority around 22-25in. The reds were not all on the bottom as some were suspended in the water column and would eat the bait on the fall. This crew never had so much fun catching fish! They enjoyed their 2 night stay at the Reel In and Shawn Whitneys cooking! These guys cannot wait to get back down to the DU! Good luck fishing.

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