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  • Red Wolf

    As worthy as the Red Wolf program may have been, it is now a 27 year old failed experiment. The critical success factor of 'no coyotes' in NC no longer exists. The placeholder theory has failed. 15 years after the decision to try to sterilize every coyote across 1.7 million acres, we now have far more coyotes. Breeding pairs of red wolves have collapsed from 21 pairs down to just 7 breeding pairs as a result of coyotes and hybridization. The program began 27 years ago with 4 breeding pairs. That is a net increase of 3 breeding pairs. Program expenditures to date exceed $30 million. That is $10 million of tax payer money per pair we have tied up in this farce. 40% of all the USFWS monitored packs contain coyotes. In January, USFWS told me I had no wolves on my Tyrrell county farm and to shoot whatever I was seeing as they were coyotes. I knew they we lying and I did not want to kill a wolf. In 30 days time, I proceeded to trap 5 red wolves, 11 coyotes/hybrids and yes, 2 placeholder coyotes. The placeholder coyotes obviously had failed to read their job description while on the operating table. A recovery area that has 3 coyotes for every one wolf would never have been selected for a red wolf reintroduction. The wildlife on my farm has been destroyed. For you USFWS to continue this scam is shameful. The USFWS red wolf and it's interbreeding with coyotes will be the largest wildlife disaster to ever impact our state. The mismanagement and misrepresentation by USFWS of the red wolf program and their noncompliance with the Endangered Species Act are actually the biggest threats to the red wolf. Please google search Red Wolf Restoration Scandal and learn what you can do to help save our NC's wildlife.

    Jett Ferebee
    252 714 2774