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  • The wait is over, Trout Fans

    I have been telling you the Speckle Trout will show up. Well they are finely here. This past weekend we started catching them in good numbers. I had some caught on Monday with 25 keepers in my boat and the other boats having 38 and 44 for the day. I have reports boats bring in close to limits of trout all week. It has got better as the week went on. We have been catching them all in Timbalier bay from Fornation to East and West Timbalier. With it only getting better this weekend.
    So if you're a Speckle trout hunter the wait is over for our area. Come on and join us in Leeville to get in on this great action.
    Most of the trout are being caught on live shrimp and Lemon Head Matrix shad. Don't forget to stop by Terry's Live Bait for your live shrimp.
    Captain Anthony Buquoi
    Spot On Fishing Adventures
    (225) 806-8808