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  • Turkey/Coyote Hunting

    Friday Morning I tried to set up on 3 Tom's my cousin and I had at 75 yards on Monday afternoon. The rancher had a dead baby calf in the back of his truck he found killed by Coyotes on Sunday night.

    I figured I would set up at the far corner end of the pasture. One side bordered by short pines and the other by mature pines.

    I set the Avian 30 yards inside the pasture and tucked back in the tall pines, long before sun up. Once the sky started getting pink, I could hear the Tom's on the roost at the far left end of the pasture 7 or 800 yards away.

    I broke cover and grabbed the decoy and started walking to the Tom's gobbles. All of the sudden 350 yards out in the pasture I see something crossing. I throw the binoculars up and low and behold it's a coyote. The sky still fairly dark.

    I jumped back into the edge of the tall pines, into a big bush and started making wounded rabbit calls with my mouth. At first he couldn't hear me over the morning breeze that was hitting me in the face. I yelp called real loud with my diaphragm call and he stopped in his tracks. Now facing me, I started the wounded rabbit call again. he started coming my way as if on a string. At a slow trot he closed the distance, 350 yards, 300, 250, 200, 150.....he was on the string. I kept calling and even moved the bushes to make sure he'd come straight in. Armed only with number 5's in 12 gauge, I wasn't sure if it would be enough to knock him down. I let him walk within about 25 yards, where he stopped with head up looking hard into the bush. Green, glowing sight bead on his nose, I pulled the trigger and he went down like I had hit him with a 300 mag.

    No Tom's that day but a bonus coyote, my second ever, I wasn't complaining and the Rancher was happy. I guess I just anchored my invite to this property for years to come.
       Jack Lamb
    Good for you!
    Am SURE you will be invited back!