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  • Catawba Catfish Club Lake Wateree 5-3-14 Tournament Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 9th and final tournament of the 2013/2014 season on Saturday May 3rd on Lake Wateree,SC..We had 39 Boats comprised of 84 Anglers and several Kids show up to fish the tournament.All were competing for a Total Pot of $1680 and a Big Fish Pot of $390.
    Anglers were greeted with Partly Cloudy skies and temps in the mid 40s and little wind to speak of,water condition were stained from recent rains and had a few floaters..Water temp was around the 65-68 degree mark give or take a degree or two depending on location..
    At the weigh In we had 25 of 39 Boats bring fish to the scales.
    In the end the Team of “Hickory Fisher” {Mike Chandley and Phillip Thorne} pulled out their first ever win in the Catawba series with an impressive 3 fish Stringer of 87.60 lbs..This is Mikes first year fishing for Catfish and he has really put in his homework and time on the water and it paid off with a Big Win..They collected $672 for 1st Place.
    Team PoleKat won the Big fish Pot with a 32.90 lb Blue good for $390 and they also brought home 3rd Place money of $336.
    Team Cat Snatch Fever won 2nd Place with 74.25 lbs and $420
    In the Points race battle Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciaocco} won their 3 Points Title in the last 4 years collecting them $1725 over 2nd Place Team DMD who took home $863 for the 2nd Place finish in the Points.
    Team Cat Snatch Fever Took home the Big Fish of the Year Award with a Blue weighing 50.60 caught at the December Tournament,that was good for $288

    Here is the Final Rundown;
    1.Team Hickory Fisher{Mike Chandley and Phillip Thorne}-87.60 and $672
    2.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Phil Rollings,Scott Edwards,Wes Rollings,Mike Thomas}-74.25 and $420
    3.Team PoleKat{Benji Brown,Riley Brown and Mike Robinson}-69.10 and $336
    4.Team Got Tha Blues{Dean Birch}-62.35 and $168
    5.Team Sparky{Ron Carden,April Carden and Rick Seese}-61.20 and $84
    6.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciocco}-60.25
    7.Team Jordan{Robert Jordan and Kyle Jordan}-57.05
    8.Team Grady{Ric Helms and Srawberry Wooten}-52.70
    9.Team Black Magic{Derrick Gregory,Forrest Batson,Gary Whitworth}-52.50
    10.Team Craig{Casey Craig and Larry Craig}-51.60
    11.Team Total Chaos{Chad Catledge and Pappy Love}-45.30
    12.Team Professional Hookers{Terry Springs,TJ Springs and Kendrick Wright}-43.20
    13.Team Get the Net{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-41.90
    14.Team Heavy Cats{Randy Smith and Betsy Smith}-40.90
    15.Team River Runners{David McWaters}-37.70
    16.Team Reel Time{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-36.50
    17.Team Keller[JR Keller and Brett Keller}-35.45
    18.Team Whiskers{Shane Queen and Mark Nance}-33.40
    19.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith,Mark Smith,Christy Smith and Justin Smith}-33.30
    20.Team Harbortowne Hookers{Josh Coggins and Jamie Kennedy}-32.30
    21.Team Pole Benders{Scott Peavy,Amanda Peavy and Gauge and Rusty}-23.15
    22.Team D & C{David Aycoth,Clint Carter,Bill Carter}-22.75
    23.Team DMD{Mike Rape,Roger Rape,David Catoe and Tony Cauthen}-21.25
    24.Team RiverCats{Brian Mitchell,Clyde Mitchell and Michael DeBus}-19.80
    25.Team Team Troller{Mark Follet and Bob Clark}-14.65
    Team Hook Line and Sinker-No Weight
    Team Sea Ark-No Weight
    Team Blue Fever-No Weight
    Team Fat Cat_No Weight
    Team Cat Tamer-No Weight
    Team H and H Hawgs-No Weight
    Team Stumpgrinder-No Weight
    Team Varnadore-No Weight
    Team Tightline-No Weight
    Team Wolfe-No Weight
    Team Ouga-No Weight
    Team Lee”s Crew=No Weight
    Team Pitts/Barton-No Weight
    Team Big Nasties-No Weight

    Final Point Standings after 9 of 9 Events:
    1.Team Reelin the Blues-189 and $1725
    2.Team DMD-163 and $863
    3.Team RiverCats-156
    4.Team Get the Net-145
    5.Team Hickory Fisher-142
    6.Team Cat Snatch Fever-140
    7.Team Reel Time-135
    8.Team Troller-121
    9.Team Professional Hookers-120
    10.Team Fat Cat-116
    11.Team Sparky-110
    12.Team PoleKat-105
    13.Team Whakum-94
    14.Team Got Tha Blues-93
    15.Team Total Chaos-91
    16.Team JuneBug-85
    17.Team Blue Fever-82
    18.Team Rod Benders-81
    Team Whiskers-81
    20.Team P & J-67
    Team Craig-67
    22.Team MBS-58
    23.Team Cat Tamer-46
    24.Team 4 Corners-41
    25.Team Overboard-39
    26.Team Sea Ark-35
    Team D & C-35
    28. Team Grady-28
    29.Team Twisted Whiskerz-27
    30.Team Gamecock-26
    Team Blaster-26
    32.Team Chasing Fat-24
    33.Team Stumpgrinder-22
    Team Varnadore-22
    35.Team Hook Line and Sinker-21
    36.Team Draggin Bottom-20
    Team Humpback Blue-20
    Team Tightline-20
    Team Jordan-20
    40.Team PoleBenders-19
    41.Team Heavy Cats-18
    Team Ten More Minutes-18
    Team Black Magic-18
    44.Bad Dog-17
    Team Harbortowne Hookers-17
    46.Team Hookin Up-16
    47.Team Keller-15
    Team Cat Killer-15
    49.Team H & H Hawgs-14
    50.Team Hubris-13
    Team Fightin Da Blues-13
    Team Dancing Blues-13
    53.Team River Runner-12
    Team Strawberry-12
    Team Wyliecat-12
    56.Team Crimingers-9
    57.Team Leatherneck-5
    Team Charlie/Steve-5
    59.Team Butler/Frame/Lamb-0
    Team Lane and Green-0
    Team Hooked Up-0
    Team Angler Magazine-0
    Team BareCats-0
    Team Boat Sales-9
    Team Farm Boys-0
    Team Cat Daddy-0
    Team Davis-0
    Team Grumpy Old Men-0
    Team Cant Get Right-0
    Team Lanning-0
    Team BigBird-9
    Team Wylie Scout-0
    Team Wolfe-0
    Team Ouga-0
    Team Lees Crew-0
    Team Pitts/Barton-0
    Team Big Nasties-0

    Thanks Everyone for coming out and fishing with us,Its been a record setting year.

    Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
    Fish Bite Rod Holders
    Boat Sales of Lake Wylie
    Hunt Fish Paddle
    Shockwave Rattles
    Its great having You all on Board with Us!!
    Tournament Video
    Here is the video from the tournament