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  • GT and Viper

    Where in the world are GT and Viper. Haven't seen anything out of those 2 in many months now.
    Hey JTR, I'm still here. I've been extremely busy with my wife finishing up her school this year. She'll graduate May 16th with her Nuclear Med Degree. It's been 6 long years without her income and times are hard but God is good. I'm so proud of her.

    Things haven't been quite the same since Jeffrey Smith aka Creek passed away in December. I even put my bow and gun down on November 25th as things were getting worse for Creek. We were very close and it kind of took the wind out of my sails, so to speak. Duplin County Bowhunter and I carried his casket, he was decked out in his camo. I even made a couple of Turkey calls over his grave after people left. He loved nothing more than to hear those thunder chickens gobbling as the sun came up. Sure do miss him.

    Hope you are doing well, and the family! I'm gonna try to bag a bird Tomorrow on the Roan Island State lands. I lucked out and got a draw for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    I see the post on here all the time. GT is still around as well. I get a text from him from time to time. It's just a little hard for all of us! 43 years young.
    Hey Viper
    Glad to hear that you are doing okay. Congratulations to ur wife and I commend u for holding the fort down while she is in school. I know that thing with creek was tough and it's a terrible thin fro lose someone to cancer and especially at such aa young age. I guess there is some solace in the fact that he didn't hang around and do a lot of suffering. It really did happen kinda quick. We lost my mother a couple yes ago after a better than 2 yr battle with cancer where she suffered and wasn't happy. We lost my wife's grandfather to cancer last yr just a few mos after his diagnosis bit there was really not much suffering with hom. I think all of us have been touched by cancer in some way or another and it's a terrible thing. I am abou TV to participate in a St baldricks event on Saturday and have my head shaved to raise money for cancer research for kids and it makes me feel as though I am doing something even though I have a really ugly head. Lol. With bein gin the health care field I see lots of bad but also see lots of good. Hang in there bud and go shoot a bird for creek. He wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck on that permit hunt. Never heard of that state land but any permit land can b good. I had permits last wk on roanoke river and found lots of birds but all still roasted together including the hens so not much luck. Got tillery this weekend so I will be trying to get one there. I didn't know creek ppersonally but from knowing him through this site I feel like I did. So I will try and get one for him. Good luck in the morning and lemme know how it goes. Good hearing from you
    The Roanoke is my next draw.....I think the week of May 5th. Maybe they'll be willing if I make it. Cancer is a bad thing. I also lost a very dear cousin on my Birthday last year March 11th. God has a plan for us all.

    I bet those twins are growing like crazy. My daughter passed through here for 5 months before going on to Italy. I tell ya brother, kiss and hung them everyday. Time passes so fast, she's 28 now!!!!

    DCB just had his third boy last week. We need to support mom (Lauren) for a girl! He's gonna kill me!

    I hope Gobblintom chimes in here! I hope he's got Dakota on a bird! Justintime got Hunter on one I think youth week. Folks have been doing good and a lot of new members are posting.

    Keep in touch...................
    roanoke huh
    Been seeing lots of success in the repots. The girls r wide open and their little brother thinks he is as big as they are. So where did u draw on the roanoke. I may be able to give u some pointers to where the birds are. I grew up down there u know
    Where's Everybody
    I too am busy as a bee...Especially now with 3 boys in the house....And NO Viper we are not going for a little girl lol...As much as I wanted a daughter in the mix I will be perfectly happy with my 3 boys....I am blessed with 3 healthy children and that's all that matters. Hopefully I will get another hunt or 2 in before the ends of the season... Just tough right now lol....I haven't heard from GT in a few days but I know He is just fine. He waits all year for this season so if he ain't working or sleeping He is in the woods....