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  • Black Bass Fishing is Great

    4-10-14 PM Trip
    We left the Marina with John H and his son John D Sweet from Cary, NC. Now, on the AM trip before we left to come back the bite had just shut down. But, knowing the fish were there earlier that morning and seeing that by the time I got back to the area the tide would have made a change, I headed back to the same area.
    To say that the fish were biting would be a discredit to the evening bite. It was nothing short of amazing!!! John was the only one fishing as his dad was taking pictures and videoing the event. John said he would send me the video. I was going to do some video myself, but I didn't have time. John would actually drop to the bottom, count to three and crank up for the most part two Black Bass at a time and this went on for several hours. Again, I truly do believe the PRO-CURE Squid Gel was the triggering factor for the evening bite. The more I used it the more they bit and we were actually having small schools of Bass follow the others all the way to the top trying to get at the baits with the Gel on them!!! I'm telling you, this PRO-CURE BAIT SCENTS WORKS!!!!!!
    John caught all he could stand to catch and an hour early into the trip said he couldn't catch any more he was give out. So, with sore arms and their limit of nice black Bass in the box we headed to South Harbour Marina to get the fished cleaned and then get the boat cleaned for two 1/2 day trips tomorrow. Got a call from a friend this evening telling me there was a good King Mackerel bite offshore today. Also got some friends that said they would call this evening to let me know what they did in the stream today, haven't heard from them at this report.
    The water temp on the beach got up to 62 degrees today and the bait is showing up pretty good now. It won't be long until the Spanish Mackerel and Atlantic Bonito show up. Thanks for stopping by and reading the reports and God Bless You All!!!!

    Fish On!!!!
    Capt. Butch Foster
    910 845-2004

    EPHESIANS 5:17 . Do not be foolish but learn what the Lord wants you to do.