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  • Boats Unlimited NC Team Bass Trail Results 3/29 Shearon Harris


    Saturday March 29, 2014 ~ Shearon Harris ~ Cross Point Landing Wildlife Ramp

    Even with a forecast of rough weather coming in, the Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail qualifier #3 at Shearon Harris went off without a hitch with 69 teams competing! It was about 54 degrees that morning and around 68 that afternoon with very light winds. Water temps ranged from 50 to 55 depending on the area fished. We did have rain off an on but never a big downpour. The winds gusted a few times but were light for most of the day. In other words, we got lucky even with a little fog trying to hold things up! Actually a great day for fishing but evidently the front coming thru put a halt to a good bite!

    Mark & Michael Cummings, of Pembroke, figured out enough strategy to catch 5 bass weighing 22.08 lbs. The Cummings team won $1,280 for 1st, TWT 1st place of $1,155 and the Boats Unlimited NC 1st Place Bonus of $750 for a grand total of $3,185.

    The team of Chris & H.T. Eakins took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 20.59 lbs winning $775. Big fish for the day was a huge 10.66 pounder caught by the team of Drew Johnson & Gill Young worth $966 and 2nd place big fish weighing 8.85 lbs. went to the team of Jesse & Josh Wise winning them $414.

    110 fish were weighed in for a total of 352 pounds. Again the slot limit on bass at Harris took it's toll on guys that caught many fish but were not able to weigh them in. This slot limit is not fair to anglers that practice and spend time and money to fish and get better. People that control the rules should at least give waivers to tournament trails that have a good 'Catch and Release' program. That's just my 2 cents. We had numerous fish over 7 lbs. and all the fish looked healthy. Hot baits for the day were shakey heads, crankbaits and jerk baits.

    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. The next Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail tournament will be at Falls Lake on April 12th, out of Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. A Pig-Pickin' for all participating anglers is planned for this event sponsored by 'The Prop Doc' in Zebulon one of our newest sponsors!

    All the information on our tournaments can be found at

    Now here are the full results:

    1st Place: Mark & Micheal Cummings of Pembroke...5 bass...22.08 lbs...$1,280

    2nd Place: Chris & H.T. Eakins of Selma & Angier...5 bass...20.59 lbs...$775

    3rd Place: Mike Dinterman & Timothy Snead of Oxford & Creedmoor...4 bass...18.77 lbs...$555

    4th Place: Mike Stephenson & Chad Jones of Bahama & Durham...3 bass...13.80 lbs...$500

    5th Place: Kevin Woodall & William Tobias of Angier...4 bass...12.63 lbs...$440

    6th Place: Corey Linton & Mark Peck of Pikeville...3 bass...12.37 lbs...$388

    7th Place: Michael & Chris Hinson of Creswell & Chadburn...5 bass...11.96 lbs...$331

    8th Place: Jesse & Josh Wise of Erwin & Raleigh...2 bass...11.08 lbs...$270

    9th Place: Drew Johnson & Gill Young of Clayton & Wendell...1 bass...10.66 lbs...$220

    10th Place: Tony Fofi & Dave Murdock of Spring Lake & Sanford...3 bass...10.58 lbs...$220

    11th Place: Alan Parker & Brandon McLeod of Linden & Spring Lake...3 bass...10.31 lbs...$163

    12th Place: Chase & Gary Johnson of Four Oaks...2 bass...10.19 lbs...$163

    12th Place: Dennis Reedy & Jeffrey Thomas of Siler City & Broadway...5 bass...10.16 lbs...$115

    14th Place: Bryce McClenney & Michael Christie of Cary & Fuquay Varina...5 bass...10.01 lbs...$100

    1st Place Big Fish..9th Place Team above...10.66 lbs...$966

    2nd Place Big Fish..8th Place Team above...8.85 lbs...$414

    1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above...22.08 lbs...$1,155

    2nd Place TWT..3rd Place Team above: 18.77 lbs...$495

    Boats Unlimited Skeeter Boat Owner Bonus: Dennis Reedy of Siler City...$250

    Tow Boats US Award: Mike Stephenson of Bahama: $50

    Boats Unlimited 1st Place Bonus: 1st Place Team Above...$750

    Contact Information: Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC 27712 Home: 919-471-1571 Cell: 919-971-5042

    email: website: