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  • Catawba Catfish Club 4-12-14 Lake Wylie Tournament

    The Catawba Catfish Club will be having our 8th Tournament of 2013-2014 season on Saturday April 12,2014 at Lake Wylie,NC/SC…This tournament will be out of the Buster Boyd Access.
    Sign In will be from 4:00pm - 5:45pm
    Tournament Hours will be from 6:00pm - 2:00am..Weigh In will begin at 2:30am.
    Entry Fee: $30 Per Person{$20 to Total Pot,$5 to Points and Big Fish of Year Fund,$5 to Catawba Catfish Club Operation Fund}
    Optional Big Fish Pot-$10 Per Boat
    3 Catfish Weigh In…All Catfish Must be weighed in ALIVE{No Exceptions}

    All Catawba Catfish Club tournaments are Open to the Public and All are invited to come out and join us.
    The Catawba Catfish Club Tournament Trail is also a affiliate Club of the Cabelas King Kat Tournament Trail,The Top 3 Finishers from each Catawba Catfish Club tournament after the Cabelas King Kat Classic on September 27-28,2013 are qualified to fish the $25,000 Cabelas King Kat Eastern Classic that will be held on Lake Wateree,S.C. on October 3-4,2014..Each Team will still have to Enter/Fish at least one Cabelas King Kat Qualifying Event in order to fish the Classic as well,Cabelas King Kat is having 1 more qualifying tournament in SC on April 25-26,2014 at Georgetown,both it is a Super Event with a Garuanteed Payback Purse of $10,000,you can find more info at or at or you can enter/fish any other King Kat Tournament throughout the season.
    PS..The Top 3 Finishers automatically qualify from the Catawba Catfish Club Tournaments,if any of those Team are already qualified or Elect not to participate then it falls down to the next eligible Team starting at 4th,5th and on down the line.

    All Teams are subject to Polygraph Test and Livewell/Cooler Checks at Sign Up..

    Note:Please remember the new SCDNR Rule that prohibit’s the use of Gamefish as bait..No Bass,Crappie,Striper Etc may be used..The only legal Gamefish that can be used is Bream..
    All other Natural Baitfish{Gizzard Shad,Threadfin Shad,White Perch,Blueback Herring Etc. are still legal to use.
    NC law does not prohibit the use of game fish as bait
    Please know and understand the difference between the 2 states if Fishing one or the other or both.
    And from Our Sponsors:
    Fish Bite Rod Holders…Boat Sales of Lake Wylie…Hunt Fish Paddle…Kangaroo Expres and Pepsi will be donating Items for the drawings after weigh in,Be sure to stick around for that.
    Please visit our website at to view the Schedule,Rules and Contact numbers or email us at for any questions.
    We look forward to seeing everyone on April 12th..
    Lake Wylie 4-12-14 Tournament Results
    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 8th tournament on Saturday April 12th on Lake Wylie,NC/SC..We had 29 Boats comprised of 68 Anglers5 Kids show up to fish the tournament.All were competing for a Total Pot of $1360 and a Big Fish Pot of $290.
    Anglers were greeted with Partly Cloudy skies and temps in the High 70s and little wind to speak of,water condition were stained from recent rains and had a few floaters..Water temp was around the 60 degree mark give or take a degree or two depending on location..Word at the weigh in was that most fish and the biggest fish for most teams were caught early in the couple of hours before dark,a lot of teams said the bite died off after dark for them..At the weigh in we had 20 of 29 Teams weigh In.
    In the end the Team of “Get the Net” pulled out the win with a 3 fish stringer of 84.25 good for $680 and they also captured Big Fish of the event earning them an extra $290 with a 43.80 lb Flathead.
    The Top 7 Teams in the Points had an off night with the best finish being posted by Team DMDs 8th Place finish enabling them to jump into 2nd Place of Team Rivercat…Team Reelin the Blues maintained their lead and go into the last event at Wateree with a 10 point lead.

    Here is the Final Rundown;
    1.Team Get the Net{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-84.25 and $680
    2.Team Fat Cat{George Lindsay,Damon Gibson and Kip Holsenback}-76.65 and $340
    3.Team Hickory Fisher{Mike Chandley and Phillip Thorne}-74.35 and $204
    4.Team Sea Ark{Coy Robinson and Johnny Robinson}-67.10 and $136
    5.Team Stumpgrinder{Dale Sturgis and Nancy Sturgis}-63.60
    6.Team 4 Corners{Justin Whiteside,Mike Culp and John Comer}-61.60
    7.Team Tight Line{Brian Snipes,Bubba Branch and Charlie Medlin}-53.35
    8.Team DMD{Mike Rape,Roger Rape,David Catoe and Tony Cauthen}-49.10
    9.Team D & C{David Aycoth}-46.65
    10.Team JuneBug{Clay,David and Jason Henderson,Gary Morton}-43.45
    11.Team Sparky{Ron Carden,April Carden and Rick Seese}-41.80
    12.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciacco}-40.25
    13.Team Got tha Blues{Dean Birch}-38.45
    14.Team Dancing Blues{Michael Craft,Randy Blanton,Danny Deal}-30.70
    15.Team Strawberry{Steven Wooten and Jeff Jackson}-28.75
    16.Team Reel Time{Marty Green and Steve Workman}-23.00
    17.Team Harbortowne Hookers{Josh Coggins and Jamie Kennedy}-21.85
    18.Team Troller{Mark Follet and Bob Clark}-16.75
    19.Team Hookin Up{Daniel Scott and Neil Robinson}-13.40
    20.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Phil Rollings,Scott Edwards,Wes Rollings,Mike Thomas}-11.95
    21.Team RiverCats{Brian Mitchell,Clyde Mitchell and Michael DeBus-0
    22.Team Professional Hookers-No Weight
    23.Team Blue Fever-No Weight
    24.Team Rod Benders-No Weight
    25.Team Whiskers-No Weight
    26.Team Ten More Minutes-No Weight
    27.Team Team Big Bird-No Weight
    28.Team Wylie Scout-No Weight
    29.Team Total Chaos-No Weight

    Point Standings after 8 of 9 Events:
    1.Team Reelin the Blues-168
    2.Team DMD-158
    3.Team RiverCats-151
    4.Team Get the Net-131
    5.Team Reel Time-124
    6.Team Fat Cat-116
    Team Troller-116
    8.Team Hickory Fisher-112
    Team Cat Snatch Fever-112
    10.Team Professional Hooker-105
    11.Team Whakum-94
    12.Team Sparky-88
    13.Team JuneBug-85
    14.Team Blue Fever-82
    15.Team PoleKat-79
    16.Team Total Chaos-75
    17.Team Rod Benders-73
    18.Team Whiskers-72
    19.Team Got tha Blues-69
    20.Team P & J-67
    21.Team MBS-58
    22.Team Craig-50
    23.Team Cat Tamer-46
    24.Team 4 Corners-41
    25.Team Overboard-39
    26.Team Sea Ark-35
    27.Team Fish Bite Rod Holders-33
    28.Team D & C-30
    29.Team Twisted Whiskers-27
    30.Team Gamecock-26
    Team Blaster-26
    32.Team Chasing Fat-24
    33.Team Stumpgrinder-22
    Team Varnadore-22
    35.Team Hook Line and Sinker-21
    36.Team Draggin Bottom-20
    Team Humpback Blue-20
    Team Tightline-20
    39.Team Tem More Minutes-18
    40.Team Bad Dog-17
    41.Team Hookin Up-16
    42.Team Cat Killer-15
    43.Team H & H Hawgs-14
    Team Polebenders-14
    45.Team Hubris-13
    Team Fightin Da Blues-13
    Team Dancing Blues-13
    48.Team Wyliecat-12
    Team Strawberry-12
    50.Team HarborTowne Hookers-10

    18 Other Teams with less than 10 Points
    We have had a Total of 68 Different Teams Compete this year at some point.

    Points Championship and Big Fish of the Year after 8 of 9 Events:
    1st Points-$1473
    2nd Points-$736.50
    Big Fish of Year-$245.50

    Next Tournament:
    May 3,2014
    Lake Wateree
    Lake Wateree State Park
    Sign Up 4:30am-5:45am
    Tournament Hours-6:00am-3:00pm
    Weigh In-3:30pm

    Thanks Everyone for coming out and fishing with us and a Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
    Fish Bite Rod Holders
    Boat Sales of Lake Wylie
    Hunt Fish Paddle
    Shockwave Rattles