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  • Ed Brown 1911 Kobra .45ACP RBH Custom Knife 45

    Ed Brown 1911 Kobra .45ACP RBH Custom Knife 45

    The Kobra is a truly unique pistol, our most innovative firearms. Unique with the Kobra series pistols is the innovative and popular snakeskin metal treatment. It is a directional pattern, meaning it is smooth to slide your hand up, but bites in for a snug grip the other way where you need it. It's easier on the hands than checkering, a. Not to mention it just looks cool! Except for the snakeskin metal treatment, this pistol is identical to the Executive Elite in all respects. This no-nonsense design has an elegant simplicity that has yet to be matched. The Kobra is an innovative masterpiece, and a serious tool for those who want something a little different. Am sure you'll be charmed by the Kobra! Contact.text us on (302) 894-8230 or Email: ( )