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    Readers: This is to give you a \'HEADS UP\' on President Obama\'s Nominee for Surgeon General. He has nominated a doctor who not only DOES NOT have the experience for this job, but, he openly OPPOSED THE 2ND AMENDMENT, even proposing TOTAL CONFISCATION of ALL GUNS in America. I encourage you to read this article on this doctor:

    It is IMPORTANT that you e-mail our Senators IMMEDIATELY as I understand the Senate may vote on this nominee either on Wednesday or Thursday!

    I URGE YOU to e-mail Louisiana U.S. Senators Vitter and Landrieu and URGE them to VOTE AGAINST this nominee for surgeon general. This is OBVIOUSLY a political ideology appointment by Obama to hopefully bolster his base for new gun control. Here\'s how to contact Senators Vitter and Landrieu:

    Louisiana Senator Vitter: (Phone: 202.224.4623)

    Louisiana Senator Landrieu: (Phone: 202.224.5824)

    How to Contact US Senators:

    For our North Carolina readers, use the \'How to Contact US Senators\' link.

    Who didn't see that comming
    Does this really surprise anyone? Drugs rampant, weed being leaglized, cancer out of control. A thousand things to set straight with the health of this country and look what this guy is concerned about.Sure he has seen gunshot wounds in his emergency room service. Apparently didn't see any overdoses, car wreck victims, stabbings, strokes, heart attacks or any other health issues. Perhaps this new roll out of anti 2nd ammendment will work as well as the Afordable Health Roll out is doing.
    Obama Withdraws Surgeon General Nominee
    Followup on the controversy of Obama's 'Gun Control' nominee for Surgeon General.....Obama announced he is pulling back on this nominee, but may pursue his nomination after the Nov elections. Guess he's concerned that another block by the Senate would be a HUGE embarrassment. Here's the link for the full article:

    SO, it appears the millions of phone calls and e-mail by gun owners and HUGE pressure by the NRA made Obama have second thoughts fearing many vunerable Democratic Senators would be hurt even more.

    THANKS to all readers who e-mailed or called your State Senators!