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  • Bringing Home the Bacon!!

    Well I thought I would share a couple recent successful hog hunts since nothing else is really going on.

    The first hunt was towards the end of January. We had a pretty good snowfall and I wanted to get out and do some scouting. Well after walking what seemed like 5 miles I came to the back field of the property I was scouting. I noticed a group of hogs making there way out into the cut corn field. It had not been cut in yet. I used a hedge row to sneak withing a 100 yards or so. There wound up being 8-10 pigs in the group but due to the bottom they were in I could not see them from my location. I picked out the biggest sow and dropped with one shot from the 300 win mag. As soon as I shot I walked around the end of the hedge row and could see more pigs pretty much running in circles. There was a BIG board in the group and I definitely put 2 possibly 3 rounds in him and somehow He manage to get away all the while dragging his back half..HE was a BEAST!! He would have been my first 'trophy' boar. I would get another chance in a couple weeks...The little fellow in the pic decided to wait a little to long to run for cover. Somehow I rolled his little butt at about 120 yards...Go figure. We didn't recover the board but we did have meat for sausage which has been delicious.

    My next chance at a good boar would come a couple weeks later on a hunt with my Pops. This hunt was a little more planned and thought out lol. We have a spot we have hunted pigs from the last couple years. We have a Sniper Hawg Light ( setup there as well as a feeder. It is not a battery operated feeder though. Anyway my Pops has a camera setup there and has kept it baited some since deer season went out. With that being said we had been getting pics of a good group of hogs and one just so happen to be a great boar with a beautiful coat on him. I knew I would get a chance at him if we played the wind right. The only thing is there were coming in between 1 am - 3 am. Our plan was to get setup about 11:30 and sit and wait....oh and sleep until we heard the stampede coming through the cut over lol..Well it didn't quite work out that way....That Friday was one of the warmest days of the year so far. My Pops said they will be in early and sure enough when we walked in at 11:45 they were already on the bait. We managed to sneak to about 40 yards from them to our double millennium stand. We both had our guns and could have shot from the ground but it was hard to tell which was which because of they running around. We could have unleashed the fury on the group but I really wanted that boar. As my Pops tried to make his way up the stand they spook and ran over into cut over about 50 yards. We got up in the stand and got settled. Meanwhile we could here the pigs roaming around, splashing and fighting with each other. After about 30-40 minutes they made their way back to the bait and low and behold the first pig out was the boar. I was waiting till the group came back so we could both shoot at the same time. We were going to try the 123 shoot method with me calling the numbers so you can imagine how well that worked lol. Anyway, we knew this big boar was king because he growled at everything even if He was by himself or surrounded with pigs. When He came in to feed everything moved got out of his way. He would get a mouthful and leave and come back and do the same thing over and over so we had to wait for the right time to shoot. Eventually the stars lined up and we had our opportunity. I was using night vision and my Dad was using a red dot. When it came time to shoot I called out the numbers and with one shot from the DPMS 223 placed just below and in front of the ear, my first trophy boar was on the ground. My Dad missed a huge sow mostly because of where she was at and me not calling out the sequence correctly lol..However we were both so excited to have that big boy on the ground. He weighed 300lbs on the dot. I have got him at the taxidermy right now for a shoulder mount...It will be one of those hunts I never forget.....
    Sausage on the ground!!
    I hear DCB! That is a nice boar. Congrats! Be sure to show us the final mount. Maybe pops can get him one now. Lol.. he will have to do the counting next time right.
    Thanks Tagone!! My Dad has already tagged him a nice boar as well....He killed it this past summer so it has a lot thinner coat on it. It is actually kinda ugly lol...I will definitely post pics of the finished product...I will share a pic of my Dad's boar....