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  • Catawba Catfish Club Fishing Creek Reservoir 3-1-14 Results

    The Catawba Catfish Club had our 6th tournament today{March 1st} on Fishing Creek Reservoir in Fort Lawn,SC..We had 27 Boats{New Fishing Creek Reservoir Record} comprised of 63 Anglers show up to fish today,All were competing for a Total Pot of $1260 and a Big Fish Pot of $270.
    Anglers were greeted at the ramp with Partly Cloudy skies,little wind and temperatures in the low 30s.we had a brief shower pass by shortly after blastoff,once that cleared we out just outstanding weather the rest of the day with the high reaching around 62.
    In the end we had 25 of 27 boats weigh in fish,Team Reelin The Blues brought home the win with a 3 fish stringer of 53.00 lbs besting 2nd Place Team Rivercats 3 fish weight of 51.15...5th Place Team Hickory Fisher got the Big Fish Pot with a 33.45 lb Blue good for $270

    Here is the Final Rundown;
    1.Team Reelin the Blues{Jeff Manning and Michael Paciocco}-53.00 and $630
    2.Team Rivercats{Brain Mitchell,Clyde Mitchell and Michael DeBus}-51.15 and $315 3.Team DMD{Mike Rape,Roger Rape,David Catoe}-50.40 and $189
    4.Team Whakum{MarkStanley,Owen Stanley,Eugene Johnson,Neil Stanley}-50.10 and $126
    5.Team Hickory Fisher{Mike Chandley and Skip Brown}-49.85
    6.Team Blue Fever{John Terry}-48.95
    7.Team Team Humpback Blue{Mike Criminger and Blake Williams}-47.45
    8.Team JuneBug{Clay Henderson,Jason Henderson,David Henderson,Gary Morton}-44.05
    9.Team Reel Time{Marty Green and Jeff Green}-40.95
    10.Team Get the Net{Harry Dickerson and Jamie Dickerson}-37.70
    11.Team Got tha Blues{Dean Birch}-36.10
    12.Team Professional Hookers{Terry Springs and TJ Springs}-34.90
    13.Team Polebender{Scott Peavy,Amanda Peavy and Colton Newman}-34.90
    14.Team Fightin Da Blues{Chris Simpson,Joey Duncan and William Attaway}-32.65
    15.Team Whiskers{Shane Queen and Mark Nance}-32.20
    16.Team Troller{Mark Follett and Bob Clark}-29.75
    17.Team P & J{Phil Donato,Jarrett Oaks,Travis Nichols}-26.25
    18.Team Crimingers{Charles Criminger and Buck Criminger}-20.55
    19.Team Sparky{Ron Carden and Rick Sease}-18.40
    20.Team Total Chaos{Chad Catledge,David Love,Cliff Hopkins}-15,40
    21.Team Rod Benders{Jeff Smith,Mark Smith and Christy Smith}-15.05
    22.Team Cat Snatch Fever{Philip Rollings,Wes Rollings,Scott Edwards and Mike Thomas}-11.45
    23.Team MBS[Scott Mungo,Tyler Jenkins,Brian Mungo}-10.50
    24.Team PoleKat[Benji Brown,Jerry Ponahoo and Riley Brown}-8.60
    25.Team Fat Cat{George Lindsay,Damon Gibson and Kip Holsenback}-8.05
    No Weight-Team Cat Daddy and Team Craig

    Point Standings after 6 of 9 Events:
    1.Team RiverCats-139
    2.Team Reelin the Blues-127
    3.Team DMD-122
    4.Team Reel Time-99
    5.Team Troller-98
    6.Team Get the Net-96
    7.Team Whakum-94
    8.Team Cat Snatch Fever-90
    9.Team Professional Hookers-86
    10.Team PoleKat-79
    Team Fat Kat-79
    12.Team Blue Fever-77
    13.Total Hickory Fisher-76
    14.Team Whiskers-72
    15.Team Total Chaos-63
    16.Team Sparky-59
    17.Team MBS-58
    18.Team Got tha Blues-55
    19.Team Rod Benders-52
    20.Team Cat Tamer-46
    21.Team Overboard-39
    22.Team JuneBug-38
    23.Team Twisted Whiskerz-27
    24.Team Blaster-26
    Team Craig-26
    26.Team Chasing Fat-24
    27.Team HookLineandSinker-21
    28.Team Draggin Bottom-20
    Humpback Blue-20
    30.Team Ten More Minutes-18
    31.Team Bad Dog-17
    32.Team Cat Killer-15
    33.Team H & H Hawgs-14
    Team Polebenders-14
    35.Team Fightin Da Blues-13
    Team Hubris-13
    37.Team D & C-12
    Team Wyliecat-12
    39.Team Sea Ark-11
    40.Team Campbell-10
    15 Other teams with less than 10 Points

    Points Championship and Big Fish of the Year after 6 of 9 Events:
    1st Points-$1077
    2nd Points-$538.50
    Big Fish of Year-$179.50

    Next Tournament:
    Lake Monticello
    March 15,2014
    Hwy 99 Access
    6:30am -3pm 3:30pm weigh in

    Thanks Everyone for coming out and fishing with us and a Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
    Fish Bite Rod Holders
    Boat Sales of Lake Wylie
    Hunt Fish Paddle
    More Pictures
    More Pictures
    Tournament Video
    Here is the Tournament Video
    Those are some good ones!! They will be rather tasty lol....Thanks for sharing!!