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    In the event gun owners have not kept abreast of some of the gun control activities in several States in the past few years, I posted a VERY IMPORTANT article on my website today titled 'SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS, CONNECTICUT TELLS UNREGISTERED GUN OWNERS'. Connecticut pass new, very stringent gun laws in late 2013 which required gun owners to register ALL semi-automatic rifles and magazines which hold greater than 10 rounds by Dec 31, 2013. It is estimated that 75% or more (20,000 or more) gun owners DID NOT register their guns in OPEN DEFIANCE of the law. Now, the State is threatening to forcibly surrender their guns or they will be confiscated! This could turn out to be VERY SERIOUS, as if their State Police try to forcibly confiscate their guns, there will no doubt be bloodshed, which could trigger a second Civil War! Gun owners from many other States have pledged their support to Connecticut gun owners. It is estimated that over 2 million Americans own guns, the largest 'army' in the world!

    To read the article, go to my website's 'Home' page, then click on the 'Gun Control' page: