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  • Boats Unlimited NC Team Bass Results~Shearon Harris~ 2/22/14

    BOATS UNLIMITED NC TEAM TOURNAMENT BASS TRAIL QUALIFIER #1 RESULTS Saturday February 22, 2014 ~ Shearon Harris ~ Cross Point Landing Wildlife Ramp

    The Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail set a new attendance record with 94 boats showing up for the 1st qualifier of the 2014 fishing season! We finally had a beautiful day to work with. It was about 34 degrees that morning and around 70 that afternoon with very light winds. Water temps ranged from 50 to 57 depending on the area fished and water was muddy in certain areas after the storm Friday. Clear warm water was the secret to finding the bass but it was a challenge to get them to bite with all the shad around. Secret lures for the one is telling!

    Todd Massey and Brandon Gray had the patience to catch 5 weighing 27.07 lbs. and it was just one of two limits of 5 caught for the day. Massey & Gray won $1,485 for 1st, TWT 1st place of $1,610 and the Boats Unlimited NC 1st Place Bonus of $750 for a grand total of $3,845.

    Stephen Lasher took 2nd with 3 bass weighing 13.19 lbs winning $875 & 2nd TWT worth $690 for a total of $1,565. Big fish for the day was a nice 8.34 caught by the team of Stewart Adams and Scott Dunn worth $1,260 and 2nd place big fish was a tie going to the teams of Kevin Woodall and William Tobias along with Scott Woodson & Josh Hooks. Each team had a nice 8.13 lb. bass and took home $270 each.

    Only 56 fish were weighed in for a total of 232 pounds. The slot limit on bass at Harris again took it\'s toll on guys that caught fish but were not able to weigh them in. This slot limit is not fair to anglers that practice and spend time and money to fish and get better. People that control the rules should at least give waivers to tournament trails that practice \'Catch and Release\'. That\'s just my 2 cents. We had numerous fish over 5 lbs. and all the fish looked healthy.

    Full results on this event can be found at:

    I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. Our next tournament will be the 2014 Piedmont Bass Classics Team Bass Mini Trail Qualifier #2, Mar. 1st at Jordan Lake out of Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp (Right Side). The next Boats Unlimited NC Team Tournament Bass Trail tournament will be at Jordan Lake on Mar. 8th, same ramp location.

    All the information on our tournaments can be found at yahoo and bing search:

    Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC 27712
    Home: 919-471-1571 Cell: 919-971-5042
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