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  • Crappies on Lake Waccamaw

    We have been busy here at Yeah Right Charters the past few days getting equipment prepared for the upcoming charter fishing season. There is a lot that goes into making sure that the equipment aboard the Yeah Right boats is in great working condition so that you guys can be guaranteed a safe and enjoyable fishing adventure!!! After working all day yesterday on the Yeah Right III we decided to take today to go fishing. You might have seen Capt. Butch's post on Facebook this morning detailing him trying to make the decision to go Trout fishing or Crappie fishing today; after much dileberation entailing the time the tide would be at key levels, water temps, the frontal boundary moving in tomorrow, the moon phase, etc... the decision was made to target some Crappies!

    To make a long story short, the fishing was tough today. As we got to the Lake Waccamaw boat ramp every report from the fellow fishermen we talked to at the ramp (them taking their boat out) as we put ours it to the guys we talked to taking their boat out when we did this evening was the same: 'they just arn't biting!' As I am writing this report however, there are some nice Crappies on the grill from today!

    The fishing was tough, and Capt. Butch and myself had to fish very hard to find the tricks that would make them bite today. First couple hours Capt. Butch put the baits in several fishes faces only to find short strikes and non-aggressive feeding nature. Then he put a couple in the boat. I continued to try different color and presentation methods (depth of baits, angle presented by altering the line angle on the hook...) finally the pieces of the puzzle came together and we were able to discern that today these fish wanted a specific color set-up of jig and they would only bite if fished utilizing one of Capt. Butch's custom techniques. It has been said before that Capt. Butch has a '6th sense' about where fish are located and what they are thinking. Today that theory was once again proven!

    We are going to look at the weather tomorrow morning and decide then whether we will be going through the 4/0 Penns and 50 STW Gulf Stream reels so they will be in top-notch order for you guys fishing with us this season, or fishing for Speckled Trout, or looking for more Crappies! We look forward to seeing you on the water really soon!

    FISH ON!!!

    Capt's Butch and Chris Foster