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  • Reciprocating license SC & NC for lake Wylie

    would like to see if we can get a petition up to change Lake Wylie from having both state license I've been talking with Tommy Pope my representative from York county he told me he would look into it would like to hear other comments
    Great idea
    I would love to see that happen, but I don't have much hope of it any time soon. it's not just Lake Wylie, it's any body of water that borders both states. SC and Georgia have reciprocal license agreements with any body of water that borders both states. Virginia and NC have it too. But SC and NC have never been able to come together on it for some reason. I have heard different theories on why that is, but I don't really know the real reason.

    Still, getting your rep involved is the best thing to do. Maybe if enough people do that, it will eventually lead to a change. I hope so. Good on you for taking that step.