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  • New guy

    I will be moving back to Jacksonville this summer, I was stationed there back in 2004-2007 and will be returning. I didn't do any hunting or fishing the first time around but I definitely plan on it this time.

    I am a big deer hunter and a casual fisher, I have two little girls and plan on doing a lot more fishing.

    We are planning on buying a boat (probably aluminum)and will do a lot of fishing between Jacksonville and New Bern.

    I am currently up in Virginia and have had some great hunting and fishing opportunities up here.

    Sorry if this is the wrong 'hello' thread, I didn't see a 'new guy' thread.
    Welcome back!! Thank you for your service as well!! There is definitely some good hunting and fishing around Jville so I sure you want have a problem keeping the kids busy lol...Just be sure to share the stories with us as they unfold....Again welcome